What are Long Tail Keywords and Why Should I Use Them?

Many business owners figure that once their website is online, that that’s all they need to do. They quickly realize that SEO is important due to there being literally millions of sites online.

Enabling yours to be found easily in online searches is not always a slam dunk. Start with traditional SEO and then, when you really want success, try using long tail keywords. Yes, yet another SEO term you never knew you wanted to know. I promise that knowing about long tail keywords will help you get more traffic that converts into customers.

Specific is the Key Word for Long Tail Keywords

long tail keywords‘The devil is in the details’? In this case, the payoff is in the details. When you create SEO content, you use fairly generic keywords that search engines pick up on. Those keywords also sit seamlessly in your website’s content so that everything reads naturally.

You also need to know the more specific search words people use online. Long tail keywords are more specific to you and your business. As a simple example, if you sold late 1920s Fords, instead of using “car sales” as the key search word, one of your long tail keywords could be “sell late model Ford cars”.

long tail keywordsLate Cycle Buyers and Conversion

Late cycle buyers are the opposite of casual searchers. When someone does a basic search using a keyword like “car sales”, that person is in the early stage of buying – searching but not really clear yet. Late cycle buyers have done the research. They have weeded through information, they are more specific about what they want, and they will utilize long tail keywords to find it.

Upshot: When they find you, they are ready to buy.

Finding Your Needle in a Haystack

long tail keywordsResearching keywords that bring web searchers to your website is an analytical process. Long tail keywords are even more specific and targeted, but with expert research and advice you can get higher quality, specific leads inquiring about your exact products and services – and in your location – than with general searches.

As opposed to general keywords (like “car sales”) that could be searched on the web hundreds of thousands of times a month, long tail keywords may have been searched only a few dozen times.

Many business owners may think such low search numbers look awful and are not worth pursuing. But think about it. Unless you’re a giant company, you won’t be found. It’s not even a needle in a haystack scenario – your business will look like another needle in a big stack full of needles. But your long tail keywords will be found much easier and found by late cycle buyers. This means quicker conversions from browser to customer.

Ranking Made Easy

Searching for “car sales” will yield thousands of results and your business may be on search page 27. Long tail keywords give you the chance to be ranked higher and found quicker.  Consider using them as part of your AdWords campaign. You’ll get higher ranking and won’t be paying premium cash per click.

Finding effective long tail keywords requires some expertise so that they really fit what you do and what people search for. That expertise could be the helping hand that finally puts your business over the top in visibility, online rankings and sales conversions.

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