Look at Your Marketing Analytics Again with Fresh Eyes

digital marketing analytics problemsTrying to determine the exact effectiveness of your marketing has always had its challenges. Aside from understanding graphs, tables, and pie charts, there are digital analytics that are not even close to being simple. Many business owners consider these numbers to be a major IT bottleneck. Digital marketing analytics problems often stem, not from misunderstanding the numbers, but from misunderstanding what exactly digital marketing analytics are and how they can help you in your marketing.

It’s time to look at it all again with a fresh approach.

Digital Marketing Analytics vs. Web Analytics

digital marketing analytics problemsMany people confuse digital marketing analytics with web analytics, which can be a source of significant problems.

Web analytics are about website traffic, how fast pages load, how many views each page gets, and so on.

The area of digital marketing analytics includes these things and much more – click through on your ads, email penetration, social media advertising, etc.

In short, web analytics measure your website statistics while digital marketing analytics tells your marketing team how effective your marketing is.

The Facebook Flub

digital marketing analytics problemsNumbers are everything when it comes to metrics. But don’t put your eggs in one basket. When those numbers are wrong, then digital marketing analytics problems arise. More and more companies rely on Facebook to track their digital marketing through insights, video, and the like. Not too long ago Facebook had a serious hiccup. First, they overestimated how long people watched videos. At first glance that doesn’t mean much, until you consider the cost of creation and implementation.

If your video was watched by 100,000 people you would be over the moon. Would that make you put more marketing dollars into it? Of course! What happens then when you discover that the number of complete views was closer to 35,000? Another issue that arose was in Facebook Insights when they duplicated visitor counts. This is a lesson in checking and double checking the numbers and not always taking them at face value.

Marketing Channel Integration

Digital marketing has the unique ability to integrate much of your marketing. You get to see how all the channels of marketing you’re using are working together – or not. Digital marketing analytics problems come to light when you fail to see the relationships between everything you’re doing. Look outside the box. What do you get from website analytics? You get to see how your page does. That’s fantastic. But do those metrics tell you which plans sent visitors there? Or where they came from? Not usually, so it’s important to understand the big picture.

Customer Lifecycle

Issues with digital analytics can arise on the customer level. You want to be able to understand those customers and how they found you. Marketing analytics can help you do this by ignoring page views and focusing on individuals. This tells you where people came from, what they responded to, how long they stayed on pages, and more, which means you can better understand trends and what marketing plans are working.

All About Sales

At the end of the day a business is about sales. Marketing is also about sales because it’s the lynchpin to bringing in customers and converting them. This is where closed-loop data comes into play. Your digital marketing analytics, using closed-loop data, can show you where your sales are coming from – not from the products you sell, but rather what generated the lead that brought the customer to you in the first place. Marketing analytics, when read correctly, will show you if that blog is earning you money or if your Facebook page is working out.

If this still isn’t making clear sense, it may be time to partner with digital marketing specialists who can help you take control of your analytics and focus your entire marketing strategy.

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