Make the Most out of Live Streaming for Your Business

live streaming businessAll of a sudden, businesses and events are being streamed live on the internet. Is it a fad? Well, whether or not you think it’s a fad and a waste of time, many businesses and people are generating huge audiences doing it.

As you know about marketing, if you’re not in front of your customers regularly, you can bet your competitors are. Live streaming is a great way to do that. It’s not a replacement for face-to-face; it’s an enhancement.

It’s also free. Free to stream, free to watch.

Live streaming business events is a great way to connect with customers (and leads) in a way you haven’t yet. It’s more effective than embedding a video on your website or uploading one to YouTube, because it takes advantage of the demand for “here and now” things that our modern day internet has created.

Leverage the Power of Live Streaming

Curiosity is powerful. People want to see things they’ve ever seen before. That’s why live streaming is helping many businesses.

It also helps to make whatever you are streaming an exclusive event. People feel special and valued when they are part of a select group invited.

Then there’s the attraction of seeing something “live”. TV news does it all the time and it grabs more attention than someone just reading the news in a studio.

There’s little risk, too. If you don’t garner a huge amount of attention, there’s nothing lost. Just keep trying. You’ll be amazed what things draw a crowd – often the most fun things.

Things to Stream Live

live streaming businessTry different types of live streaming events to see what grabs attention.

  • Live events. It doesn’t matter if it’s a product launch or an invitation or announcement or just the CEO doing something for a community charity. People can feel connected to the energy.
  • Demo products and services. Be informational. Even be interactive as you receive instant feedback online.
  • Show people procedures, tips, hints, shortcuts, new ways, how to use products, etc.
  • That includes doing Q&A, either with employees or interacting with viewers. Comments and questions from viewers can drive and shape a live streaming business event. Viewers love to feel involved, connected and that they have some control over it. All very powerful factors.
  • A look behind the scenes at the team or what goes into your work and product. People love to see what really goes on in a business.

Streaming Media to Use

There are two that are currently the kings of live streaming – Periscope and Meerkat. Both are free to use and have similar functions. Periscope appears to have a big advantage because it is owned by Twitter and is thus fully integrated for instant tweets, retweets, communications and sharing of info. Periscope also provides great statistics about your live streaming event.

But Meerkat has a weapon up its sleeve, so…

…Keep an Eye on Facebook and Meerkat

live streaming businessMeerkat is now integrating with Facebook, so you can watch live streams while browsing the world’s largest social media platform.So, consider live streaming your business in some way. Give it a try. There’s nothing to lose, but everything to gain. It is already an important marketing tool for many companies. So, get in on it.

Launch your business into the here and now, be an internet star (even if it’s for five minutes), show customers and potential customers that your business is ready to connect with them. Integrate some live streaming with your business’s social media presence and away you go.

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