Why Making Your Website Mobile Friendly is an Important Marketing Tool

mobile friendly websiteMarketing and advertising are changing constantly. Where once storefronts, location, newspapers, billboards, radio and TV ruled the marketing roost, the internet now reigns supreme.

An online presence is a must for any business. Without it, there is pretty much no hope of competing in today’s market.

This goes double for a mobile friendly internet presence. We live in a world connected by handheld devices.

This begs the question as to what advantages mobile accessibility will provide for your business, especially from a marketing point of view.

If you don’t have a mobile friendly website, expect to see online leads hit your site and then leave within seconds. A mobile friendly site is absolutely essential to marketing success.

The Mobile Marketing Revolution

Everyone uses mobile devices now to learn and buy. We search for info, get directions, look for product and service deals, play games, communicate and connect with others, and so much more. At the forefront of mobile connection is a business’s website. It is far more than an electronic business card. It allows customers to browse, order, buy and ship online regardless of where that business is located.

Only through following consumers on their mobile journeys can we effectively market to them.

With this mobile revolution has come another… people have no patience for websites designed for PCs and larger screens that won’t load well on a small device. They want an engaging user interface (UI) that is friendly and easy to navigate, or else they will go somewhere else in mere seconds.

In other words, you have one chance to make a good impression. Without it, a lead is gone.

Never assume that people will follow the same habits as you. Your routines may make sense to you and the newer ways some people use technology may seem baffling, even irrelevant. But thinking only your own way is what will turn leads off.

Mobile Friendly is Today’s Customer Service

You should know that marketing is about much more than just offering sales.

A website is the first impression a customer gets of your business. It’s the same as the old days when someone entered a store and was greeted with friendly service. If the service attention was poor, they’d go elsewhere.

A mobile friendly website is today’s version of that greeting.


A fundamental of marketing is targeting people who are more geographically inclined to use your product and service. While to a large degree the Internet has broken down this boundary, the fact remains that being nearby gets sales. Most mobile devices are equipped with GPS technology. You need to be ready for people to find you through an online search that factors in their location and yours. When they find your website, it must be mobile friendly. Marketing online is about being found fast and providing fast, easy information.

Get an App!

A mobile app is a great tool for providing service, info, online shopping and a satisfying user experience (UX). Although it may seem counterintuitive to the concept of quickly abandoning a mobile unfriendly site, people do love to explore new apps. Pair a well designed app with your mobile friendly website and the service you

provide this way is some of the best marketing you can do.

A mobile friendly website and app isn’t as hard or complicated as you might think. A free, no obligation discussion with dedicated online marketing professionals can show you how simple it really is.

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