Making Your Business More Human in a Digital World

make your business more humanThe more digital our world becomes, the more important it is to put a human face on your business. This is true if yours is a small business or a large one. Of course, digital, computerized everything is here to stay. But success depends on relationships. When people know they are seen as human beings and not just numbers, stats or profits, they feel a stronger connection to a company and are more inclined to keep doing business with it.

The following tips will help to make your business more human and you will be thankful every single day for it.

Respond, Respond, Respond

If you want to make your business more human then you need to talk to clients and inquirers! Humans talk, right? We converse, ask questions, and GIVE answers. Giving is the key point. The digital world we live in is a here and now culture. When someone asks a question on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever your digital footprint may be, they want an answer, and soon. Prompt response provides a human face and a level of care. Response equals brand loyalty while also making you human.

Personality is Important

make your business more humanResponses that sound or read as robotic and “perfect” – i.e. form replies – remove the human element. Customers want more personal interaction and to feel as though they matter. So, to make your business more human, make your responses more human. You can be sarcastic or funny or sincere. Real responses attract attention and build loyalty. You can’t buy that loyalty – you can only make it. Let your people be people instead of just an “admin” or “support desk” or “customer service”. Be authentic. Customers can read fake a mile away.

Connect Emotionally

To make your business more human, BE human. So simple. People have emotions and they have causes and triggers to those emotions. Brands that reach out and touch an emotional nerve will have customers for life and find new ones! People know corporate fluff when they see it – like Wal-Mart trying to show you the “face” of their employees and their diversity. Often a mega-corporation’s success is built on cheapness and how it deals with competition, rather than how human it is. But companies like Campbell’s, Disney, and Doritos, have achieved a more human image quite brilliantly by touching people’s emotions in a positive way.

Let Them See the Wizard

The public today knows bunk when they see it and they don’t like it. So, let them see behind the proverbial curtain. They want to know the CEO and the managers. The more they see real people living life, the better. This has worked wonders for T-Mobile, Virgin and Tesla, and it can work for you.

Not Everything is Marketing

Seems strange, I know, when we often talk about marketing on these pages. But sometimes, customers want only information or only what they ask for. Upselling at every turn can alienate a customer, or at least make him/her wonder if a competitor does that. Sometimes, providing the best experience you can is enough. It can be refreshing to call in and get a human who is friendly and helpful without offering everything else. Customers will tell others about that experience.

I realize these are simple ideas for a complex issue. But simple principles are successful ones. Ditch a few of the scripts, the canned responses, and the automated experiences. Build some personal contact and your business will be better off for being more human.

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