Mastering the Art of Creating Shareable Content

With social media becoming a dominant factor in online marketing, it’s easy to lose focus on creating quality content for your website. No matter how much attention must be given to social media marketing, shareable content anywhere online is still crucial to your business plan. Read on to learn more.

Emotions and Social Validation Are Why People Share Content

shareable contentEmotional connection is everything in making shareable content. It’s the feelings people get when they can identify with someone, are made to laugh, are made to cry, feel excitement, get frustrated, feel proud, want to change a situation, or just feel a connection.

Social validation is why we share the things we do, whether they be memes, photos, recipes, videos, or whatever. We love approval, popularity and belonging. We share to receive reinforcement. “Likes” have huge sway over us.

We are more likely to share something that already has a like from a friend or that is already popular in a group we are involved in (or wish to be involved in).

Making Content Shareable

shareable contentThe first and most basic step is to ensure sharing buttons and share counts are made prominent on every page of content your business publishes. Make it easy for your audience.

Next, cause reactions. Trigger emotions. Use titles that inspire curiosity and include strong trigger words. Material that evokes powerful reactions gets remembered and becomes part of our lives.

  • Evoke strong emotions. Content that provokes feelings of amazement, mirth, joy, hilarity, pride, frustration, anger, anxiety and the like is what gets shared. Anything that “deactivates” emotions is likely to have a very limited response.
  • Make it relatable. Connect with people’s daily routines and desires. Connect with their favourite activities. Show that your business is “human” and supportive.
  • Make it entertaining. People prefer to share content that brings huge positive reactions than to spread stuff that is a real downer. If it can’t be entertaining, it needs to be engagingly interesting and unique where you can.
  • Invoke causes and beliefs.People share to show what they care about. It’s a way of declaring who they are, or who they want to be. If you and your business are seen to be actively supporting causes and beliefs, you can have content shared more readily and gain a larger following.
  • Inspire discussion. Some trends in your industry may be the source of discussion, even debate. People certainly enjoy debating and sharing their views on social media, so allow users to comment on your material, as well as share it. Don’t be afraid to provoke a little debate. Just moderate the comments, of course.
  • Use “how to” content. Offer tips to make concepts and processes easier to understand. Address the most common questions people ask about your field. People love to share helpful and smart ideas.
  • Make it aesthetically pleasing. Users want their eyes to be guided clearly. Otherwise they click out. Small paragraphs of text are good, as is an easy-to-follow through-line for the eyes.
  • Reward sharing. Make content even more shareable by offering incentives to share it. Reward top sharers with gifts, discounts, exclusive access, experiences, etc.

Fill a Niche

So simple. It’s a great way to create shareable content. When readers find helpful and stimulating niche information, especially in areas that don’t get a lot of attention, the chances of them sharing increase. Make your business offer the best advice and tips.

Consult Professionals

Dedicated marketing experts do the research to discover what makes content shareable and go viral. They can also help your business do all the things listed above, including providing access to their content writers. Talk to them to learn more.

Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Results Professional Marketing and a clickable link back to this page.

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