Why You Might Need Microsites

benefits of micrositesYour website is essentially your face to the world. It is your brand and your voice. You may spend thousands on a killer site, yet have trouble bringing in the traffic. The problem may not be your site, but a lack of focus.

Have you thought about several smaller and carefully targeted websites? These are microsites. For some businesses, putting everything in one site is small, hyper-focused, even isolated – believe it or not.

But the benefits of microsites are huge and can be utilized in dozens of ways to help your SEO, brand and sales grow.

It’s Not a Landing Page

Many assume a landing page and microsite are the same things. Nope. A landing page is a single page on your current domain. Microsites live by themselves.

Targeted Branding

Think of your main website as a giant umbrella. It exists to feed the needs of the company. Microsites can be the spokes of that umbrella – each leading to a different point (product) but still part of the entire structure. For example, a microsite is great when you launch a new product or service and want it to stand out on its own instead of being a portion of a larger site/page. Some businesses find microsites far more effective than separate pages on the one site. They can have completely different designs, colors, media and interactive functions with each one. Microsites are a tremendous way for you to effectively brand things as you need, especially for a new line of products.

Improved SEO

A boost in your SEO rankings is another big benefit of microsites. On your parent site, the information you want to share can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. Because of this, your SEO can often become quite convoluted, causing your rankings to suffer due to the wide array of SEO being utilized. Microsites, because they are so pinpointed, do not suffer from this problem and can race up the rankings and stay there.

No Issue With Speed

Many websites are loaded down with Java, images, trackers, pop-ups, and various other goodies to make the experience both rich for the user and informative for the owner. But some become cumbersome. Another benefit of microsites is that they are streamlined for the sake of speed by taking specific content from your main site and moving it to those smaller ones. Adding the use of a specific domain for each page opens many doors for marketing advantages.

The Cost is Pleasing

Microsites are surprisingly inexpensive. You paid for your main site to be exactly as you want it. Now you want to diversify and make certain information easier to access. Or perhaps you want to boost SEO by narrowing focus. With microsites, the cost of doing so is far less than the original site. In fact, in most cases, the information can be ported over without much difficulty. They become cheaper and faster while providing a strong ROI, making the benefits of microsites hard to pass up.

Freedom to Play

With your main website, there isn’t much space for playing. Any experiment or change can mean making big, time-consuming adjustments changes across the entire site and perhaps interfere with your brand or mess with your SEO. But a microsite gives you freedom to play. It’s fast to make and cost effective. This means you can roll out a site quickly, test it, and give it a pass or fail. Discontinuing the site is just as easy as keeping it, depending on the results.

Efficiently Effective Email Campaigns

Electronic mail has always been at the forefront of the internet. Using it to market businesses started soon after its creation and it remains the most effective online marketing tool to this day. Microsites can make it faster for you to create and run marketing campaigns, as well as easier and quicker to connect with users, sign them up, manage, maintain, and focus content toward specific products or services.

To really take advantage of the benefits of microsites, you need to ensure they form an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. This is where employing a dedicated online marketing company to coordinate your brand and presence can also be an outstanding investment.

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