These Mistakes in Online Marketing Could Cost You Big Time – Part 2

online marketing mistakesOnline marketing mistakes happen. Most unfortunately, they happen quite frequently. And most business owners and marketers don’t even know they’re making them. You need to know what those mistakes are so as to avoid damaging your business prospects.
In part 1 of this blog, we outlined several online marketing mistakes: relying solely on social media or on one source of traffic, not knowing your audience properly, failing to use a call to action, and underestimating the awesome marketing power of email.

It’s time for part 2 and to learn more. That way, you can be more effective at marketing and create a brand that stands the test of time.

Slow Website Speed

The days of 300 baud modems and dial-up bulletin board systems are ancient history, but still some websites load almost as slowly as in those days. While it may not seem like a marketing issue, presenting your company’s pages like this is a recipe for losing customers. Waiting for graphics to load is enormously off-putting. Consumers are accustomed to getting everything at the swipe of a finger and content that comes up at what feels like the speed of light. If it doesn’t with your site, fix it. Fast! Spend time reorganizing your site and your web hosting.

Not Telling Your Story Effectively – Or at All

online marketing mistakesIt’s a pretty rare customer who buys from a company he/she knows nothing about. If you think just presenting your products and services on your website is all customers really care about, you’re making a grave online marketing mistake. Potential clients need to know that your business is reliable and trustworthy – verifiably so.

Therefore, they love a good story that they can check. So, tell your story. Let them know who you are. And provide references they can research. Make a more personal connection by describing how your business came to be and why.

Many customers care more about your stances than your product prices. They may pay more for something if they feel good about the ‘why’. Therefore your About Us page needs to really stand out. Dry copy with a list of pointless details you barely care about will not fly. Trust your story and make it meaningful to strike a chord. If you do, you’ll see a jump in visitorship.

Forgetting About Free

People love free. The marketing tactic of offering free stuff is nothing new. Neither is the marketing mistake of forgetting to. We’re not talking about doing something that feels shady. We’re talking about a marketing hook that can bring more traffic to your website, keep it there longer, and encourage it to explore more. Because it’s proven that the longer people spend looking at a sales site, the more likely they are to pull the trigger to spend. There are plenty of ideas to choose from: samples, prizes, tickets to events, free attendance to a webinar, a raffle or sweepstakes, access to exclusive website content, special limited offer deals, signing up for an exclusive newsletter or ebook, and so on. Even sending a ball cap with your business logo on it is effective. You’d be amazed how many people want a cap.

Incidentally, freebies can be promoted in social media, thus upping your presence and engagement.

The Pay-Per-Click Black Hole

online marketing mistakesPay-per-click advertising – where you pay for your site to be featured on another page and pay for each click – can quickly become one of the biggest online marketing mistakes you can make – if you sink too much money into it.
Pay-per-click programs can have their use, no doubt, but they very rarely give you the biggest bang for your marketing buck. If you like pay-per-click, then stick with it, but only as a tertiary method of advertising and not your primary source of marketing.

You can get much greater returns through social media presence, Facebook marketing tools, and an investment in evergreen content.

The list of common online marketing mistakes has grown significantly here, but there’s still Part 3 to come. Learn about the rest and be sure to employ an online marketing agency to enhance your marketing, grow your presence, define your brand, and grab hold of your intended audience and customers.

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