These Mistakes in Online Marketing Could Cost You Big Time – Part 3

online marketing mistakesWelcome to part three! We needed three parts because there are so many online marketing mistakes to avoid. Sadly, they are all too common. But they’re also easy to fix, and you’re one of the smart ones learning more about them. Check out parts 1 and 2 if you haven’t already.

If you find yourself committing any of these online marketing mistakes, you can still turn things around and get business humming along again.

Not Learning from the Competition

It’s easy to think you have the better operation with the better service, better products and indeed better website. But ignore your competition at your peril. I’ve seen too many business owners frustrated by their lack of sales and wondering how their competitors are doing so well with an allegedly poor online setup. Lacking critical vigilance may be one of the biggest online marketing mistakes you can make. Take ego out of it. Open your eyes, take notes, and follow what they’re doing well. If you’re not sure how and why they’re hooking more clients than you, ask online marketing professionals to identify the reasons for you. You may be missing something small but crucial. Remember, competition breeds innovation.

Not Blogging

Blog regularly and consistently. More quality blog postings will mean better exposure, higher online search rankings, and more avenues to hook prospects to visit your site. Not blogging at all can leave your site relying solely on page content and word of mouth referrals for hits, clicks and conversions. I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve seen who underestimate the power of blogs. It’s a huge online marketing mistakes that keeps them from getting a bigger slice of the pie. Get quality blogs written – by an outside marketing group if necessary – that (1) contain the keywords your potential customers search for and (2) offer helpful, friendly information and advice. This is a big part of SEO – search engine optimization. We assure you that, although SEO has become a buzz term that makes some people roll their eyes, it’s still incredibly relevant.

Insular Content

online marketing mistakesIt’s easy to put content online about your business, what it does, and what it offers. But it takes great skill with writing to make that content enticing to your audience. Too many business websites show what the boss knows (or the team), but fail to put it in customers’ terms. A whole bunch of jargon and inside info reveals you’re thinking more about you than your customers and their needs.

Make it about them. Even your ‘About Us’ page should be a roadmap to customer service.

Forgetting About Mobile

online marketing mistakesWe see this a lot with small to medium businesses with history that predates the mobile revolution. Many are still stuck in the same ‘mindset’ the boss had at the beginning. Nobody uses the Yellow Pages anymore and many people research businesses on the spur of the moment or as they think of an issue. Mobile is everything now. Consumers use it to find help and interact more than any other medium. You must have a mobile strategy (for your site, your communications, your social media, and your sales) and understanding of the platform, otherwise you are committing an online marketing mistake that will drive some customers away. Consider getting an app designed that can be a useful tool for showing, guiding and informing customers. An enjoyable, easy, interactive experience is a huge draw.

And, above all, ensure your web pages are optimized for mobile. Just having the desktop version of website come up on a phone or tablet is hugely off-putting.

Splash Pages and Pop Ups

People hate them. Maybe you think they’re kinda cool on your own website but think in terms of your audience. They find splash pages and pop ups annoying.

They also wreak havoc with SEO, so avoid this online marketing mistake like the plague. A landing page is a much better representation of what’s on-trend.

We could go on probably for another four blogs about online marketing mistakes, but it’s time for action instead of just pointing out problems. If you haven’t checked out parts 1 and 2 of this blog series, get on it. Then be sure you consult with a proven and professional online marketing team to help you get your website and strategies in the best shape they’ve ever been. The future looks very prosperous if you do.

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