These Mistakes in Online Marketing Could Cost You Big Time – Pt 1 of 3

online marketing mistakesWhen it comes to online marketing, do you subscribe to the view “If we build it, they will come”?

If so, you could be unknowingly committing the biggest and simplest of all online marketing mistakes.

Just creating a presence on the web and in social media is not enough to achieve success.

Add a word – just one word – and your marketing could transform.

“If we build it right, they will come.”

To be successful, you need to create an online presence that is engaging, useful and up-to-date using social media and many other means of marketing. This three-part blog will outline the most common online marketing mistakes that could cost you revenue, hurt your brand, and cause customers to seek out your competitors.

Relying on One ‘Proven’ Source of Traffic

“Why should I bother with things like Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter when Facebook is where all the action is at?”

Or something similar.

One of the biggest online marketing mistakes you can make is to find what you think is your groove and then just stay in it. Sure, finding something that works is great, but it will quickly become status quo. Online marketing is a huge world and it changes fast.

Think of the different online media as routes on a roadmap, all leading to good destinations. Not one destination, several – all of which are beneficial.

Learn about other social media and platforms. Don’t fire blind and hope. Really study them because each one has its own niche audiences and each could provide a significant boost to your presence and performance. You may end up diversifying your business or offering special deals based on learning about different niche groups out there.

Relying Solely on Social Media

Maybe it works for the President, but not for all of us. We can’t all rely on social media to be our prime way of generating attention. While Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great tools to have in your back pocket, they are not your only tools. Use social media wisely, use them well, but consider them just one arrow in your online marketing quiver. Other digital methods of marketing existed long before social media. Many leads and customers can find you through other online searches, so it is a mistake to put all your SEO eggs into one basket.

Not Knowing Your Audience

online marketing mistakesYou have products and services and you think you understand to whom you should market them. A huge online marketing mistake is to reach out too widely or too narrowly, making your business very difficult to find in online searches. You need to know exactly who is interested in your products and services. Conduct marketing research and determine what segments respond the most to your products and services. Learn age groups, locations, interests, values, buying habits, prices they prefer, marketing techniques that appeal to them, and much more. You should engage a professional online marketing agency to assist you. With a better understanding of who your audience is, you can focus your marketing strategies on them and on targeting new customers.

Otherwise, you’re just firing blind.

Call to Inaction

You simply must have a strong call-to-action (CTA) on every page of your website and included in your blogs and social media posts. People reading your content and perusing your business need some sort of motivating factor for them to pull the trigger to convert them into subscribers and/or customers. If you don’t, you’re letting them slip away. CTA is a powerful technique.

Offer the opportunity to download free content, or watch a video, or subscribe to receiving emails about specials and developments, or include a simple ‘Order It Now’ button. There are many ways to CTA.

Thinking Email is Dead

online marketing mistakesDon’t make this mistake. Email remains to this day the most powerful and effective means of online marketing. Emailing information to people is much more ‘personal’ than via any other means. It’s also become much more sophisticated. After you use a CTA to encourage people to sign up, you are able to place an amazing array of information, offers and links directly in front of them in their Inboxes. Just keep it relevant and helpful – i.e. don’t abuse the privilege – otherwise subscribers will disappear.

And that’s just Part 1 of our examination of online marketing mistakes. Here’s hoping you’ve gained some inspiration for new approaches or to employ an online marketing agency to help you.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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