Need Ideas for Generating Sales Leads?

lead generation ideasCompleting a sale is just one step in a process. But how did that sale land on your doorstep in the first place? What was the driving force for a customer to come to your site, spend time on it, and then pull the trigger to purchase? Answer: you attracted leads. They didn’t appear by magic. Something incentivized them to steer towards your business and away from your competition.

There is an art to attracting sales leads, especially online. You are no doubt well aware of this fact. If you’re needing some inspiration, we are happy to present a few lead generation ideas. Plant these seeds and turn them into bountiful harvests.

All About the Email

lead generation ideasEmail marketing may seem old fashioned, but it’s still the most effective online lead generation medium out there. It’s also one of the easiest and cheapest methods. (It’s essentially free.)

You already have a mailing list, right? Use it! Send regular emails to promote new products, feature particular services, offer deals and incentives, and mention special promotions and competitions. Show off your latest blogs, vlogs, and other content. Entice people to come back to your website and become customers again.

With the right data and software, you can create niche lists of customers who bought specific things. If you have the data, send ‘Happy Birthday’ messages and offer birthday deals. Do whatever you can to tailor each email to be directly and personally relatable, which will boost its chances of being opened instead of binned.

One other great idea is to advertise an amazing deal or service, but make accessing it special. Provide exclusive access to those who sign up for ‘VIP status’ (by providing their email addresses and agreeing to terms and conditions.)


Yes, millennials taking selfies at every turn can be beneficial to you. Extremely. Millennials are becoming the big spending demographic and they communicate a huge amount with each other. Through this, they share ideas and develop trust. In short, they influence each other and determine what is hot and popular. Try giving stuff away to them. Doing so is not only a write-off, it can provide you with hundreds of thousands of likes, shares, and retweets. That’s lead generation! All because someone else, who’s not necessarily famous, said something of yours is good.

Show Your Face

lead generation ideasOur online society has a lot of faceless salespeople. The problem with this is that they don’t facilitate trust. People will have an easier time buying from you if they feel like they know you. Show them who you and your team are through videos and live updates, for starters.

Remember MySpace? Sure, now it’s redundant and useless, but when it started, who didn’t know Tom? Be like Tom. Go to trade shows, speak at conferences, host a TED Talk. Whatever you want to do, get your live face out there instead of being a still face on a flyer.

A lead generation idea like this requires commitment to your brand, products and services, but actually seeing and hearing your passion and personality can foster trust.

Ask Jeeves 2.0

Ask Jeeves and were once fantastic resources for users to get answers to any question. Now, Google rules the roost and Jeeves has all but disappeared. But the idea of Jeeves is still very useful. For example, engage on social media to answer people’s questions and ask some of your own. Create blogs and vlogs that provide how-to information, answer frequent questions, talk about important issues (in your industry), and solve problems.

Online Chat

People love the privacy and anonymity of chatting online with a service agent. They see it as less frustrating than calling and waiting on hold. Have a live help desk and make the service obvious on every website screen. “Chat now with one of our friendly staff!” You would be surprised how many more leads this can generate, just by being available and helpful.

There’s a few effective lead generation ideas. Let your imagination run riot and put them to great use. Or else employ an external online marketing company to handle lead generation for you as only they know how. The rewards will be very worthwhile!

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