on page vs off page seoSEO … search engine optimization, increases the prominence of a website or web page. Simply said, the more often a particular site shows up in the search results list on the first page, the more visitors it gets from the search engine’s users. More specifically, this applies to the natural or organic (unpaid) results of a search engine.For the term “on page vs off page SEO” there really is no “against” each other. Both are important to any website.

SEO can be geared toward various kinds of searches, such as image, local or video, for example, but regardless of the category, websites that use good SEO practices will stand out, as opposed to ones that do not.

To clarify the differences between two of the main elements for SEO, on page and off page optimization, let’s look at the basics for both, with the following distinction in mind:

  • On page SEOs are the ones that you, as a webmaster or publisher, can control directly
  • Off page SEOs count primarily on user conduct, visitors and other publishers

On page SEO Ranking: Starting With On-page Content, Code Site Architecture

Creating content – Obviously, quality is paramount. It increases and heightens users’ understanding and knowledge. In essence, it improves their overall experience in visiting and exploring the site. For example, it’s preferable to post truly good content articles less often … than poor quality content on a more frequent or even daily basis. At the same time, bear in mind that search engines, especially Google, do look for fresh content when they crawl the website.

Using code – While content creation is geared towards readers and visitors in general, code helps you to optimize the content of your site for search engines. Simply put, it’s the language that creates the needed signals. Here’s where the good use of keywords in your description and titles really comes into play. Make sure that the keywords you’re targeting are included in your title and other tags, and also within the first 50 to 100 words of the article. Don’t forget to include links to other site pages appropriate to that particular post. Architecture of the site – Site architecture is also known as site navigation and/or usability. Good quality and well-optimized content are desirable, but you also want to provide both positive user experience in the navigation, and friendliness for search engine bots … so be sure to consider the advantages of page speed and unbroken link structure. The faster a page or site fully renders for a user, the more likely they are to stick around.

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Off Page SEO Ranking: A Look at Links

on page vs off page seoWhen discussing on page vs off page optimization, the focus often tends toward the more overtly controllable on-page factors. But bear in mind that the more good quality links you can assemble and direct to your site, the better. Search engines are currently assigning more importance to quality and natural inbound links, as well as factors outside of SEO, such as social engagement and a website’s trust factor.

Also keep in mind that because off-page optimization ranking is the one that you basically do not control directly, it’s important to build trust and integrity. As always, of course, great content is important; in this sense because it ups the site’s appeal to its users and helps to build relationships.

Influence Your Off page SEO Ranking

Having less immediate or direct control over off-page elements doesn’t mean you can’t exercise some influence. With this in mind, the importance of inbound links shouldn’t be underestimated, with search engines desiring quality over quantity. Highly regarded and authority (i.e., trusted) links back to your site are a real boon in this department.

Relevant anchor texts are also of relative importance; if you discover a link pointing to your site that doesn’t have a proper one, you may want to tactfully inquire if that can be changed. If you have control over text and anchor links yourself, remember: use relevant keywords, and always stick to ethical “white hat” methods.

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Written by Karen Justice

Karen Justice is Results Professional Marketing’s content editor. With a Masters in writing and a great sense of humor, she edits and writes excellent articles and website pages for us and our clients.

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