Online Marketing Strategy Not Working? Keep Producing Lots of Content

content volume for marketingNot every online marketing campaign can be a hit. As you work to pinpoint out exactly why one campaign struggled to generate hits and leads, keep producing content. Lots of it.

Don’t back off your blogging, email marketing and newsletter efforts just because you’re puzzling over a failure. To improve SEO and attract leads, you need content volume. For marketing purposes, it’s always essential.

Content is Everything

Content is king in online SEO and marketing. And you need content volume for your marketing to get some traction. Amazingly, according to the State of Content Marketing Survey, “only 6% of decision makers feel their team are ‘definitely clear’ on how best to run content marketing practices”. That means 6% or fewer are aware of how content volume can drive marketing efforts. So keep building on the content you have. Just keep at it.

Crack the Bank Open

content volume for marketingHigh volume content is an investment. In fact, it can be a low cost, high return investment. Email marketing still rules the roost as the best way to engage customers, attract leads, and place content in front of people. It’s effective, personable, and basically free. As for writing blogs and newsletters, even emails, invest in professional writers experienced in constructing online content. That investment will pay off in increased hit counts, better quality leads, and increased revenue. Don’t let content sit and become old and outdated. Spend the money to update and load up with plenty so as to attract traffic. Then get it out there across social media.

Be Engaging

While you’re putting out the volume, make sure it’s interesting. It must be informative and relevant, but make it conversational and as personally appealing as possible. The push for high volume content might otherwise result in putting any old stuff out there. When you’re engaging, you’re able to promote yourself much more effectively through social media.

It Solves the Stale Problem

Website content that is five years old is not going to rank on search engines. Therefore leads won’t find it. Nobody wants out of date information. Meanwhile, search engines know how old your stuff is and you can’t fool them. Cranking up the volume of content you publish online can solve all that and keep your business relevant. If you have old content that still has merit, update it.

Don’t Rehash or Copy

In the quest to up your online content volume for marketing purposes, don’t duplicate material. For example, if you have multiple websites, don’t take blogs already published on one site and publish them on the others word for word. Google sees right through this and will punish duplicate material with poor SEO.

Variety is the Spice of Life

content volume for marketingWhen you look at your content, what do you see? Is it a lot of the same stuff told a dozen ways? If so, it’s time to change strategy. When you up your volume, will there be some overlap in the themes and content? Sure. But repetition drives people away. The trick is to produce useful content that plays to your brand, is relevant, and is different. The more leads come back, the more sales you can potentially make. It can seem daunting trying to keep your content unique and fresh, but that’s where hiring a good content marketing firm can open the world to you.

So, start boosting your online content volume today. Your marketing and online search rankings depend on it.

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