Why People Abandon an eCommerce Shopping Cart

online shopping cart abandonmentThe shopping habits of online customers can be a source of joy and also heartbreak for many businesses. Online shopping cart abandonment is about as frustrating as things get in eCommerce and has almost become an epidemic. Millions of products get clicked on and added to shopping carts only to be left stranded. As of 2015, the figure was at about 68%. If your abandonment figure is like this, or worse, it’s time to examine the data and really listen to what consumers themselves say. There are very clear reasons why they abandon their carts.

Checkout Process Takes Too Long

Customers don’t want to spend more time checking out than they did selecting things to buy. People want everything right away without red tape. If the checkout screen looks complicated and jumbled, or the process takes too long, they’ll lose interest fast. The answer is to break down the process into bite-size pieces that last no more than 10 seconds each. Even if your checkout is a little more time consuming than most, it won’t feel like it.

Mysterious Costs at Checkout

Any surprise cost is a huge reason why people abandon their online shopping carts. When a consumer sees a product he/she likes, and thinks the price and delivery conditions are good, the next step two steps are easy: add to cart and pay. But it’s the paying part that’s been tripping up a lot of people, especially when something gets added that they didn’t expect. People get upset by surprise fees and charges. Present all shipping costs, surcharges and taxes clearly and whatever you do… don’t add a handling fee. People hate this kind of money grab. Hate. With a passion.

Country of Origin

online shopping cart abandonmentThe country of origin is a definite factor in cart abandonment. Consumers are accustomed to fast service and delivery, so they are not keen to wait if delivery from another country will be slow. They’ll look elsewhere, even if it costs more. This type of issue is very common on eBay (people will choose closer and faster delivery) and even on Amazon. If you ship products from other countries and your cart abandonment rate is bad, you might need to restructure, like by keeping some stock in your hometown. Maybe that will cost you more initially, but better sales completions will make up for it.

Foreign Currency Displayed at Checkout

We live in a global market. It makes sense to include your customers’ currencies in your checkout so they may know exactly what they’ll pay. Because guess what happens when people in the United Kingdom visit your website and all the prices are in US dollars with no option to change. Many of them will leave the shopping cart and all the items in it. Limit online cart abandonment due to foreign currency by always having a script that detects a buyer’s country of origin or, at the very least, gives them the option to select their currency.

Slow, Unresponsive, or Crashed Website

online shopping cart abandonmentShopping cart abandonment often happens when a site is not responsive or when the checkout process crashes.

Much, if not all, of your business relies on the servers that host your online presence. So choose well. You get what you pay for.

If a site crashes – especially at the moment of confirming payment – you can bet a large number of buyers will be too annoyed to go through the process again.

Finally, have online marketing and eCommerce experts give your website, app and checkout a proper examination.

Getting high-level market insight and research on your side can only help turn online cart abandonment into online sales success.

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