Periscope Marketing Plan – Your Business Needs One

Why Your Business Needs to Include Periscope In Its Marketing Strategy and Online Marketing Plans…

periscope marketing Social media have changed our lives. That goes double for how businesses use them to interact with customers from acquisition to retention.

But with social media nearly topping out its current user base, businesses need new ways to reach their core audience. Periscope could be the answer. Periscope (“scope”) marketing is new, exciting and may very well revolutionize how to attract and retain customers while creating viral content.

What is Periscope, Anyway?

Periscope is an app for iOS and Androids that streams live video from a mobile device and places it directly on Twitter. Viewers can tap the screen to give the broadcaster a “heart” to show they like it. In addition, there’s another tab that provides a list of the most popular videos. Your followers can view the stream for up to 24 hours. You can also save the video on your smartphone.

Why Do I Need Periscope for My Marketing?

Isn’t YouTube enough? Nope. Not even close.

Periscope is the next innovation of viral marketing and Periscope marketing is already groundbreaking.
  Like Twitter, the app is free. It also works seamlessly with Twitter – because Twitter owns it. Use it to interact with fans of your brand. A well-crafted Periscope marketing plan has the potential to reach millions. Customers engage more when they feel like they are a part of a movement.

Who’s Using Periscope?

Besides individual people, businesses are already adopting it. These include:
• Red Bull
• Mountain Dew
• Spotify
• General Electric
• Adidas
Spotify, for instance, uses Periscope to show fans footage behind the scenes. DKNY uses it to broadcast fashion shows and “insider” information. A big hit was when GE used it to interview Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye in a live broadcast.

What Can I/We Do With This App?

periscope marketingThe sky is the limit. If we can have wifi at 30,000 feet, you could broadcast an epic skydive to launch a product. Just because you can and because cool things are memorable.

But if you prefer to stay closer to the ground, your Periscope marketing plan could include:

  • Contests and Special Offers: If there’s one thing that can get you noticed, it’s giving away free stuff. Imagine an exclusive Black Friday announcement. Simply give away something to a fan who has liked your feed, or has visited your site, using a special code found only on your Periscope video.
  • Product Announcements: Launching a product can cost plenty. Create something cool and “exclusive” for no cost.
  • Product Infiltration: Want to show that people use your product or want to demo it? Periscope is perfect for that.
  • Endorsements: Have a celebrity talk about your product or broadcast an exclusive interview.
  • Company Culture: Let employees give a tour of their workplace. Customers love companies they can relate to.
  • Create Buzz: Use Periscope to create sneak peeks and teaser videos. Keep tweeting the promos to build interest and a following.
  • Instant Feedback: Anyone watching can communicate with you and provide instant feedback. Ask them questions to learn what they really think of your product and company.
  • Increase Twitter and Facebook: Everything you do within your periscope marketing plan has huge potential to increase your social media traffic. You know what that can mean for your business.

Periscope allows you to broadcast anything you want without paying a dime! Take your product or company viral by staging news and impactful events. Even create small movies like a zombie outbreak to promote your line of antibacterial soap.  Used correctly Periscope could even change the course of political campaigns or grassroots movements.

Just make sure your video stream is attention-getting and interesting to your core followers and gets to the point fairly quickly. Attention spans today aren’t like they were in your grandfather’s day because of all the choices available, and our busier (some would say hectic) lifestyles.

So, as you can see, Periscope could boost your exposure, relevance and sales. Check it out. And if you’re not sure how to begin incorporating it into your marketing plans, talk to online marketing professionals for some great ideas and advice!

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