Psychological Techniques to Convert Customers & Increase Sales

psychology boost conversionsOne thing is always true about human beings: we have a psyche. Knowing how that psyche works, then creating marketing techniques based on it, is crucial to sales success. All successful marketing has convinced people that they want something.
There’s nothing new to the concept of using psychology to boost conversions. Subliminal messaging has been around a long time, as has direct mail (now done as highly effective email campaigns), and many other techniques. Converting customers is about using the mind.

End Procrastination, Create Urgency

You need to give leads a reason to buy. They must feel that putting it off would be detrimental somehow. Look at the concepts of time and scarcity. Give a sale a time limit and put a cap on product availability. Otherwise, prospects may start emptying their online shopping carts as quickly as they filled them – because they started wondering about “need” and value for money.

End indecisive behavior by manufacturing urgency and value. Think “the more you buy, the greater the savings” or think Black Friday doorbusters. You want that $200 4K Ultra TV? You’d better be in line by 5am or you’ll miss out.


psychology boost conversionsIt’s amazing how much the human brain is influenced by using color psychology to boost conversions. Get your website colors laid out just right to guide people from curiosity to researching to wanting to buying. Certain colors illicit certain responses. Red, for instance, is exciting while white is innocent. Other colors used a lot in advertising include:

  • Yellow (friendliness and happiness)
  • Green (wealth and nature)
  • Black (power)
  • Blue (peace, clean)
  • Purple (royalty, calm, femininity)

Clever use of colors can increase conversion rates. Green is the easiest color for our eyes to process and is also the third most popular color in the world. Blue is the least favorite color of men (believe it or not), while women, as they age, tend to like purple more. Using color in marketing takes practice and patience. It’s also a good idea to get professional web designers on board who understand color theory.

Trust Creates Conversion

Trust is huge for conversions. A concept that’s gaining ground is the “Trust Economy”. This means that your reputation can be traded for goods. Take Pepsi, for example. People know the name, brand, logo, and quality. When Pepsi releases something new, the trust economy of the brand causes people to buy without knowing if they’ll like it or not. Building trust means that you need to be dependable, follow through on promises, listen and interact with customers, create a positive image, and get things right every time.

Image is Everything

psychology boost conversionsImages can mean your brand image or even literal images. The images you use on your landing pages and websites boost or hamper conversions. The psychology is simple. People smiling are a good start. Using cute animals (if appropriate to your business) may send people clicking on a link because there’s an emotional response. Combining images with color theory added tremendous value to your ability to convert sales. Think back to the old Uncle Sam recruitment poster. The colors of the flag represented a strong psychological draw, as did the eye contact of the figure. Add the gesture of him pointing to YOU and it became a personal challenge and call to action. It got a lot of conversions.

That’s not all there is to the psychology of sales conversions, obviously. However, it shows there a science and an art to being effective at it. This is where learning from the best is important – the best marketing campaigns and also the best marketing company to design your website and eCommerce strategies.

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