Screencasting – An Interactive and Informative Form of Marketing

Video is one of the most potent marketing tools. We’re not talking about professionally produced videos here, although those can be very powerful. And we’re not talking about going live on Facebook, even though that too is pretty awesome for your social media marketing.

For this blog, we’re talking about a form of video called screencasting for marketing. It might just provide you with the edge you’ve been looking for. It’s simple, low-cost, and an incredibly effective way to reach and help customers.

The Screencast Itself

screencasting for marketingTo put it simply, a screencast is a recording of action on your computer screen, typically with a narration added. Using appropriate software, which is often free or low in price, everything on your screen can be recorded – what the screen looks like, mouse movements, clicks, everything that comes up when you click, etc. It’s great for demonstrations and instructional help. You just be sure you plan the sequence.

You add narration (either live or after videoing) and produce a video for uploading to your website or to social media where it can be watched and shared.

Seems like a pretty simple concept, right? Absolutely. But the beauty doesn’t lie only in its simplicity. There are many marketing applications that screencasting can be used for in a business of any size.

Customer Service

For every business, customer service is key. It’s an ever-present issue and is time consuming, especially when the same particular issues keep coming up.

Remember the days when ATMs came along and some customers needed training in how to use them? Screencasting is a kind of like a modern way of introducing customers to concepts, solving problems, and taking them through procedures and instructions. Screencasting for marketing could be your company’s ace in the hole for showing how you go the extra mile to help your customers.

For a more technical business, try putting together a “screen show” of how to troubleshoot some common issues that your customers experience.

screencasting for marketingWeb Design

Web design and screencasting go hand in hand. Or at least they should.

Imagine a designer finishing some work and sending it over along with a screencast explaining all the tabs, elements, procedures, and walking the user through the experience.

Cross Borders Without the Cost

Businesses often want to expand and market to other countries but find themselves limited by capital. Screencasting could be the simple marketing solution. A video can be recorded and uploaded, the voiceover can be dubbed in a multitude of languages, and new marketing opportunities can open without spending a ton of money.

Video Helps SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a finicky beast at the best of times – often it’s a good idea to let outside professionals overhaul your SEO needs – but ultimately it’s invaluable to any business looking to compete. Creating screencast videos that are specific to customer needs allows you to provide multiple short pieces of content that appeal directly to targeted market segments.

Spread Your Content

screencasting for marketingScreencasting could be the marketing ‘secret’ you’ve been waiting for. Make videos available not only on your website, but on YouTube and across all your social media accounts. (By the way, doing so costs nothing.) Ensure it is set up with searchable relevant keywords and you’ve got yourself some very powerful marketing materials. Furthermore, people can find and view your screencasts anywhere – on their PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, and more.

To discuss screencasting for marketing and all your needs relating to your online presence, try talking to internet marketing specialists who can really focus your efforts.

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