Search Engine Optimization: Keywords

keywordsEveryone talks about search engine optimization and keywords, and how you have to have content with keywords that will work to bring people to your website.

But so often we get questions about how to develop keywords correctly. Sometimes people try to make it out to be rocket science, but it’s not all that complicated in some respects.

What People Are Searching For and Search Engine Optimization

Yes, you DO need to KNOW what people are searching for on the internet in terms of the product you have, compared to your competition. This allows you to “zoom in” for maximum success with your page content and keywording, and that’s where people like us come in.

But a little light listening will help you also, not just on the internet but in all your forms of advertising.

What are your customers telling you that they are having trouble with? For instance, if you do HR work and a client tells you that their biggest problem is choosing the right candidate because their personalities change once they are hired compared to the interview, you would not use the keyword ‘HR consulting’.

Think with the information you were told; what would this person search? Perhaps he would look on the internet to find: “how to hire the right person” or “how to hire the right personality.”

When you are writing copy, or advertisements, or content for a website, base it on what people need exactly, not a general term that could apply to anything in a broad subject.

Use this information to improve your content and attract the type of clients that need or want what you have to offer.

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