How To Use Blogs to Increase Website Traffic and Leads

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Learning to use blogs for B2B and B2C marketing is simply a good business practice. In fact, a business blog can be one of your most important internet marketing tools. It is a “gateway” to your website and that’s why blogging and marketing go hand in hand.

We offer blog training and ongoing coaching to make your blog appealing to readers. This can increase website traffic, leads, sales, sponsors or followers significantly.


Blogging and Marketing – To Blog or Not to Blog is NOT the Question

If William Shakespeare were around today you can bet he would not be wondering whether to blog or not. He would be a very influential blogger, whether he had a business blog, social blog or both.

While not everyone can write like Shakespeare, business owners and people with experience in specialized subjects often have a wealth of great information others would find valuable. People who look for answers to their questions will search the internet and find your blog content. Getting your information, tips, and viewpoints published in a blog is an excellent way to promote your business or yourself without making it appear like advertising.

Content marketing has been called the future of marketing – but that future is here now, and blogging is a very effective tool to get your content and your website in front of a lot of new people.

Benefits of Regular Blogging

a New Content. Blogs, as compared to your website, are much easier to keep updated with fresh content and are designed for repeat traffic. Without fresh content, there is no reason for your potential customers to come back to your site.

b Search engines love new content and will index your site more frequently. You will be rewarded for your blogging efforts.

cUse blogs to increase website traffic and leads. Your blog has the potential to create more web traffic than a regular website ever could. A blog can attract a high volume of quality traffic from the pool of prospective customers, sponsors or followers that you are trying to reach.

dBlogs generate more visitors through:

  • Search visibility – blogs are organized to be search engine friendly. Plus the more new content that is optimized with your keywords, the more opportunties there are of attracting search traffic.
  • Click-through traffic – by posting interesting content, a blog gives a reason for other people to link to you and forward your content via Social Media sites and email.
  • Repeat traffic – regularly updated content and comments bring visitors back. Most websites are not conducive to repeat traffic, particularly if the website isn’t being updated with fresh content.
  • Personality – create a blog around your business culture and let this personality shine through. People will be attracted to that. People like to associate with people they like. It’s hard to make friends with a corporation or business, but easy to warm to an individual. A small business has a great advantage over big corporations due to this, and it can be accomplished with blog posts.
  • Viral effects – you create something interesting and visitors tell their friends, who tell their friends … and so on.
  • Authority/credibility – blogging allows you to become an expert in the minds of your prospective clients.

We can build a blog for you, train you how to blog, and give you ongoing coaching.
We can also ghost write blog posts for you.


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