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Quality Content Can Capture Your Site Visitors’ Interest and Create a Strong Demand

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  • Does your website’s content get your visitors interested and engaged? Does it also contain good SEO copywriting?
  • R theier obviouus speelinng erirs? … thereby giving people a bad impression?
  • Is there an overall consistency in your message, or do different pages say different things in different ways? Sometimes business owners use “shotgun” marketing to try and communicate 10 different things at once. But fragmented, dispersed messages are FATAL in marketing.

Did you know that changing just one word in a headline can often increase leads or response rates by 40% or more? Sometimes a LOT more!

And not on just websites. What about blogs, or ads in adwords campaigns? Or in content or ads on social sites? Or in online shopping carts where people often get cold feet just before completing the transaction?

Our experienced copywriters can read and assess the messages a company is putting out with fresh eyes, and compare them to what the company is actually ‘trying’ to get across to its prospects or clients. Quite often, there is room for significant improvement — enhancements that increase website traffic and bring in more qualified leads.

It is essential to have good content on a website — content that is informative and useful for your visitors, and also contains good search engine friendly copywriting. You only have seconds to capture a visitor’s attention. And you also want to capture the attention of the search engines.

Experienced Website Writers

quality page content equals online success Results Professional Marketing has professional writers and editors with broad-based marketing and corporate communications experience.

However, it’s not only about writing well; in fact that is a lesser consideration for content copywriting. The most important factor is relevant and engaging content for the users of the website. This is not only good for search engine placement … more importantly, it creates an excellent user experience.

There’s nothing good about going to a website and reading content copywriting that is not informative and is of no use to the reader. People come to the internet for information, or to find a specific product or service.

When someone arrives on your website, keep in mind what it took to get them there! Don’t “waste” that potential customer. Instead, be sure to give them consistent, appropriate content that not only advertises, but also informs. And stay RELEVANT… don’t write about baking cookies if your website is selling welding supplies.

Professional Blog Content

Blogging on a website keeps it fresh, and the search engines definitely like to see fresh content on a site every so often. Inactive, static sites are simply sending a message that no one is actively managing the site or keeping its content up-to-date and relevant for the search engines’ users.

Blogging is also a good way to show expertise on a subject, engage your clients and potential customers, and invite social interaction. Blogging can also help establish your position as a leader or authority in your industry or area of interest.

Blogs that are relevant to your website’s products and services are valuable, both from an internet search engine perspective and a user perspective. Great blogs can give a website a significant edge over the competition; so content copywriting that also contains good SEO copywriting is an important factor in your overall internet marketing strategy.

Whether you need help with

  • website content
  • blog content
  • e-commerce copywriting
  • internal employee communications
  • corporate reports
  • pay per click ad content
  • … or anything in between

Results Professional Marketing has the copywriting expertise to provide good content and excellent results for all of your writing or editing needs. Request a free consultation now.