KPI – Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators, Website Analytics. These let you know how good a job your website is really doing. No guesswork, no opinions, just facts.

It’s important to know if your website is going up or down in the search results, and whether or not your website traffic and leads are increasing, leveling, or descreasing. But more importantly, you need to know what activities or what content pushed these results up or down. Website analytics are the key. looking closely at website KPI

The concept is simple – if something was done that made the results better, then do more of that. If the statistical data (analytics) shows a decline, then clearly something else needs to be done. (Scroll down to quickly see a sampling of some Key Performance Indicators – KPI.)

Nothing is Static

Nothing in life is static, and that is particularly true of the internet. Not all that long ago, Google initiated some updates to their search algorithms called the Panda and Penquin updates. The latest one focused on poor or “low-quality” links coming into websites from other sources. Unfortunately, many websites got caught in this update and were downgraded. Their rankings in the search engine results pages sank.

Backlinks (links coming into your site from outside of your site) are like votes for your site. Google pays attention to these “votes” as it helps Google determine the value of a particular site. If a lot of other websites are linking to your site, that means your site must be important in your industry, or important for other reasons.

Unfortunately, some website owners didn’t care much about how valid or relevant their backlinks were, as long as they were backlinks. That is a disastrous SEO “strategy.” Knowingly permitting poor quality or spammy backlinks to a site can cause it to drop like a rock in the search rankings. It can also cause it to be blacklisted by the search engines.

However, aside from these recent, significant updates, search engines update their algorithms every so often.

Case in Point: After the Panda and Penguin updates, Google created a whole new algorithm titled, “Hummingbird” which, among other things, checks that sites aren’t over-optimized. In other words they want quality content, not just SEO keywords stuffed in everywhere, and so on.

So, all of these types of changes and others can affect YOUR site’s position in the list of search results. Therefore it is VITAL that you can quickly find out WHAT has happened to your website, WHEN it happens, so that actions can be taken to handle any problems, or reinforce good situations.

You Need Hard Facts and Solid Information To Gauge Your Website’s Performance and Make The Best Decisions

You have keywords. But were they done two years ago? You need to know what your potential clients are searching for NOW. Or perhaps you have a blog (you should!), and one blog article performs very well and is picked up by multiple other sites. This is important information – it means that this topic is hot right now … so write more about it.

What IS Performance?

performance stats are up Performance simply refers to how well your site and the person or people managing it are doing their job. Check out some of our Client Testimonials.

If your website traffic increases, your leads continue to increase each quarter, and your position relevant to page one on Google keeps getting better – that shows you are doing the right things.

Many business owners or managers do not expect all of their leads and business to come from their internet presence. They continue to do standard promotion through print, phone calls, and so on. However, having a good internet presence is very important to a business in terms of credibility and providing easy access for potential and existing customers. So you need to know which performance indicators relating to your website are important to track for your business goals. That’s an essential factor in establishing and maintaining a visible internet presence.

Some Key Performance Indicators to Monitor

  • Website Traffic
  • SEO Ranking
  • Page Rank
  • Time Visitors Spend on Key Pages
  • Bounce Rate of Key Landing Pages
  • Number of Leads
  • Conversion Rate at Top of Funnel
  • Number of Inbound Links
  • Social Media Shares

At Results Professional Marketing we track multiple statistics to aid in determining what is working best on the internet for each of our clients. Let us help you increase your website traffic and increase your leads and sales.
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