Video Marketing

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Online Video Marketing can be a very effective way to promote your business and gain new clients.

Research shows that people believe what their peers have to say much more than any other content, so if your clients endorse you on video, it is very valuable.

Your video production does not need to be like a slick Hollywood production. It will actually be more believable as an amateur video. One of the most viral videos with the most views is not a fancy production by a Fortune 500 company, it’s called the “Will It Blend” series, produced by a small company.

Building Your Business With Online Video Marketing

Creating video content is now easier than ever before. All you need is an inexpensive video camera or a smart phone and you can create your own video content. If you have the budget you can hire someone to do the filming and editing.

Ideas For Video Content

Video can be a big help in developing the trust of potential clients.

1. Dentist – before and after shots together with a testimonial from the happy patient

2. Veterinarian – video of a happy dog owner with their pet

3. Financial Services – video of service team members in action, office space, Presidents message

4. Consultants – do a video on solving a problem or giving a simple explanation to complex issues

5. Hotel – film nearby attractions, clean rooms, friendly service staff

6. Sell products – show your products in action

7. Be an Opinion Leader – demonstrate your knowledge and expertise with a series of short, “how-to” WHITEBOARD presentations.

How to use Video Content

The focal point of your internet presence and marketing is your website. Video content can drive business to the website from YouTube (a Google property) which has become the #2 search engine and gaining fast!

It’s best to add your video content to your website to add interest as well as trusted content. We also promote the video content through social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Correctly optimizing your video content for the search engines will also assist in getting your website higher on the search engines.

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