Website Keywords and Search Results Analysis

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keyword analysis

What does all that mean?

In the world of the internet and search engines it means a great deal. It’s not rocket science, but there really is a ‘science’ to all of this.

A good website keywords and search results analysis can mean the difference between having a website on page one of Google or being on page forty!

A properly researched keyword analysis that’s implemented on a website can also mean attracting potential clients that are, to some extent, pre-qualified for your product or service; especially if the “keyword” is very specific.

Quality Content

Before we go any further, there is something that must be kept in mind at all time. Your website MUST CONTAIN RELEVANT, QUALITY CONTENT in its web pages in order to rank well in the search engines on a continuing basis.

Never lose site of that because the search engines are looking for quality content, not just a bunch of keywords stuffed into a page that has little else going for it. The engines want to send their users to sites they know contain the quality content their users are looking for. And the engines are getting very sophisticated at being able to gauge the quality of individual web pages.

Okay, back to our specific topic for this page…

Keyword Terms, Phrases and “Conversational Search”

Words that are KEY to your website also come in phrases. Some basic keywords are just too general. If you are selling chocolates … well so are a zillion or more other websites. But, if you happen to sell chocolates with papaya and coconut; that might be a brilliant keyword phrase if people are looking for papaya coconut chocolates!  With the advent of mobile devices, and the majority of internet searches now being done on smart phones and tablets, Google has revamped its algorithm to accommodate “conversational searches.”

In the past, Google focused more on generic keywords. But its “Hummingbird” algorithm can now accommodate searchers using mobile devices who tend to do more “conversational” searches which are longer, more localized and specific like, “Where is the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts?” So “long tail keywords” have become much more important. These are keywords that really narrow down and focus in on very specific keywords and keyword phrases.
keyword search

How people search for what they want on the internet … is what doing the right kind of keyword research is all about. Website content is meant to be matched up with individuals who are looking for the services provided by that company. The content can be advice or it can be chocolates, but in the end, keywording a website is rather like a great match-making process.

Website Keyword and Search Analysis Research

At Results Professional Marketing we do extensive and excellent keyword research and search analysis in order to determine what is best for your website with regards to your product line or type of service. Once we have it done, we create the website with proper search engine optimization and with great content copywriting around the keywords. This provides the highest possible success in page placement on the search engines.

Our goal is to make your website get found on the internet – on page one.

It all starts with an excellent keyword analysis because somewhere out there, someone is searching for YOUR service or products. The search engines find YOUR website through matching user search words to your keywords.

This is also called inbound marketing; because you’re not chasing after someone; you are bringing an interested person TO your website, to your products, to your services.

All in all, it’s an excellent solution for everyone to get what they want!

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