Why Hosting with RPM is the right choice…


The best defense to a breach in cyber-security is a good offense. We take security seriously: daily backups… customize the software of your website and actively scan to detect, subvert and defend against malware and hackers. If something happens, we have a 911 response team of experts at-the-ready 24/7 to restore your site in short order.



We won’t get caught with our head in the sand because we backup your website weekly… But should you want to revert to a former version of your website, no worries! We offer restore points, sometimes retro can be the way to go.



We regularly update your website with new content you provide! Effective websites are ones which are continuously updated for content. That’s why, as part of our hosting service, we will upload new content to your site (Website content updates and tune-ups are limited to 1-hour of maintenance per month. Design work is not included and sorry there are no roll over minutes).


Your Web Host can make or break your website. So much so, our designing for you is contingent on us Hosting your website. This puts our team of experts, who you have already hired, in full control of your site. Your website will have it all… dependable servers specifically managed for WordPress websites… expert support… and monthly updates.



Fast even when you have a lot of traffic! Visitors just don’t tolerate websites that load slowly. They leave and go to a competitor’s site. Long Load Times = Lost Customers. When we Host your website, it’s hosted on a managed WordPress server, specifically configured for WordPress. Why? It makes our hosting servers typically faster.



We maintain a tune-up, update schedule for your website! The beauty about WordPress is that it’s constantly evolving… becoming an ever-better website tool. We detail everything… “exterior, interior and under the hood” with new plugins or scripts… We keep your site perfectly tuned. You’ll never find the websites in our care with out-of-date… expired files.


reduce downtime

Downtime… You can’t do business in a blackout and that’s what website downtime is to you. When you don’t host your website with us you risk outages and other technical difficulties which can plunge your website into virtual darkness. Keep your website’s “lights on” … Reduce downtime to a “mere blink” with our managed WordPress Hosting. Seriously, there’s no such thing as a “blinkless” server.