Inbound Marketing

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Inbound Marketing is Your Key to Success on the Internet

Why? Because it can help your business attract more qualified leads and turn them into customers. It’s a ‘Sales Force’ working 24/7 to increase website traffic and increase sales with a good lead conversion process, much of which can be automated.
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Results Professional Marketing's sales funnel“If you have more Money than brains, you should focus on Outbound Marketing. If you have more Brains than money, you should focus on Inbound Marketing.” – Guy Kawasaki, former chief “evangelist” for Apple, Advisor to Motorola

Whether or not you agree with that edgy comment by Mr. Kawasaki, one thing is certain: buying habits have changed. Today, more people prefer searching the internet for the things they want instead of having advertising messages pushed at them or thumbing through the Yellow Pages. So smart marketers are looking for better ways of attracting more potential customers to their businesses, and converting them into actual customers.

Outbound Marketing = Spend money trying to find customers through TV, radio, newspaper and magazine ads, billboards, direct mail, cold calls, etc.

Inbound Marketing = Earn the attention of potential customers. Help them FIND YOU on the net and nurture them through the sales cycle from lead, to qualified lead, to CUSTOMER.

Does this mean that all outbound marketing is pointless? Absolutely not. We have clients who utilize a successful mix of both inbound marketing and outbound marketing. But if you don’t have a highly visible internet presence with a well-designed website that is rich in relevant content, ranks well in the search engines and generates valid leads, you are missing out on a LOT of potential business.

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SEO and Lead Conversion
By now, almost everyone knows you have to optimize your website for the search engines (SEO).  And that IS absolutely vital.  But it’s goes far beyond simply relying on “keywords” to do the trick.  If you don’t have quality, relevant content on your web pages that is user-friendly and search engine-friendly, and a proven process for converting your incoming leads into customers, what’s the point?

Sure, if you’re a Fortune 500 company, a principal reason for your website may be to reinforce your brand. But for most small and medium-size businesses, the website must not only reinforce the brand, it must generate leads that can convert into sales and new customers!


The 4 Major Components of a winning INBOUND MARKETING campaign or program:

1Create an attractive, user-friendly website with relevant, compelling content that is aimed at the type of customers you want to acquire. And ensure that your site is search-engine-optimized properly so you have a visible presence on the internet. Your site needs to rank very high on the search engines to be noticed and attract the attention of your prospective customers.

2Attract even more prospective customers to your website by placing informative, helpful information in a pre-determined mix of blogs, tweets, white papers, ebooks, social sites, other websites, online news releases and newsletters, podcasts, “pass around” youtube videos, etc., and in some cases pay-per-click and remarketing ads.  All of which contain keywords and call-to-action buttons or backlinks to your site.  We create blogs for our clients, as well as set up and manage their social media, and more!  (Note: Valuable “audiences” or target-markets exist on the internet for almost every conceivable product or service.)

3When visitors arrive at your site, bring those potential customers smoothly along the sales cycle from lead, to qualified lead, to actual customer. And the beauty of this, is that it can be automated to a great extent. We show you how. You can have a 24/7 sales force bringing those incoming leads along through the sales channel until a good percentage of them convert into customers or clients. See also our page on: Lead Generation & Lead Conversion.  (Note: Obviously, there must be some engagement on your part for this “sales funnel” to work most effectively. But that mainly consists of giving us the information we need to best tailor this process to your business.)

4Really deliver what was promoted or promised. That’s VERY important and will generate good word-of-mouth and more referrals.
Not only do we help our clients generate more website traffic, our process helps them select out the qualified leads from the “lookie-loos” and convert those qualified leads into customers. Check out some of our Client Testimonials.

Here are some Unique Benefits of our INBOUND MARKETING programs:

  • Potential customers find you, you don’t have to spend money trying to find them
  • Your “sales force” is working 24/7 to bring in leads and convert them into customers
  • Those leads can be easily tracked, quantified and qualified to further improve your marketing activities
  • It’s easier to develop an ongoing relationship with your customers, which means more sales
  • You can easily personalize your offers to potential and existing customers
  • You can automate much of your sales funnel that turns visitors into leads into customers
  • Inbound Marketing is much more cost-effective than outbound marketing

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