Lead Generation & Lead Conversion

Internet Marketing and digital marketing can be very cost-effective ways for companies to get more business in the door, providing they have good lead generation and lead conversion procedures in place. At Results Professional Marketing, we help companies increase their website traffic, generate more B2B or B2C leads and convert a good percentage of those leads into customers.  See also our page on Inbound Marketing.

Effective Lead Generation Requires the Following Basics

Well Designed Websites
A website needs to be appealing, user-friendly, easy to navigate, with good, relevant content on its pages. Content that communicates directly to the type of potential customers or clients the company is trying to attract.

When evaluating websites for potential clients, we often find that the message they are trying to get across to their potential customers, is not being communicated clearly or effectively. That is a fatal marketing flaw. You only have seconds usually to capture your site visitors’ attention and interest and keep them engaged long enough to really get your message across.

This comes under the heading of “good content.” If the content on your site is not relevant to your visitors’ expectations or does not resonate with them for whatever reasons, your lead generation results will suffer accordingly.

kw-analysis-300x147Well Optimized Websites
If your site is not properly “keyworded” and search-engine-optimized, it will not even show up on the search engine results pages that come up when potential customers are typing their search terms (keywords) on Google, Bing or any search engine. Another fatal marketing flaw.

You probably know that many prospects will not look past the first page of natural or “organic” search results. There’s always pay-per-click advertising of course, which can be effective. But that should be an adjunct to your organic or natural listings on the search engines, not a substitute for them.

Dual Purpose Blogs
One of the services we provide our clients is creating a blog for them. Blogs are one of THE best ways of attracting attention to your website and your business. The search engines “love” good blogs, partly because they like to see fresh content fairly frequently when they crawl a site. It means that site is active, not just sitting there in a static state.

More importantly, people like to read blogs having to do with subjects they are interested in. Blogs should provide useful, helpful, interesting content – not just sales pitches. If people are interested in your blog content, they will visit your site’s other pages, too, providing those pages are on the same general subject. And that’s where you can get your main message across.

Social Media Marketing

Social-Media-300x300There’s almost no way around it. Today, in our digital society, you need a presence on select social media. Sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on. Linkedin is very good if you are marketing B2B. Facebook, although it can definitely work for some B2B companies, is generally more suited to B2C marketing. Twitter can be a good vehicle for keeping your customers or clients up to date on your latest products, services or company news.

As in blogs, these social media sites also require that you provide good content. People visiting social sites are looking mostly for information, not a bunch of sales pitches. But if you provide informative, helpful content that your potential customers would be interested in, and you have links in that content to your website, it can actually be a profitable avenue for generating more leads. It’s even good for the search engines, as they view quality links to your site as votes for your site. Quality “backlinks” can definitely help your rankings on the search engines.

We have specialists who know how to construct good content for social media. This is one of the services we provide, and it can be very effective for lead generation. We have a few clients who, at first, wanted nothing to do with “fooling around with social media.” Now they can’t imagine being without them. Fact.

Lead Conversion – a Key Component of Inbound Marketing

Lead-Conversion-300x276Converting  incoming leads into customers or clients, requires the following basics:

Well Crafted Landing Pages
Technically, a landing page can be any page on your site that a visitor first comes to. They “landed” there. However, for strategic lead conversion purposes, a landing page is that specific, designated page where visitors first arrive after being transported there by clicking on a call-to-action link or button.

That link could have been in another page on your website, or in the search engine results pages, or on another website, a social media site, a pay-per-click ad, or in your blog – you do have one, right?

The landing page addresses the subject that was referenced in the call-to-action (CTA) link or button that brought the visitor to the landing page. This is key. If the CTA said, “click here to find out more about seaweed,” the landing page better be about seaweed.

The landing page must also give the person a compelling reason to proceed further along the lead conversion cycle, perhaps by enticing them with a “loss-leader” pricing special if they click through to your online shopping cart, or by offering them a free white paper, ebook, consultation or evaluation in exchange for their name and contact information. With their contact information in hand, you can follow up with them by email or phone.

Good Follow Up With Prospects
Depositphotos_3255675_xs2-300x300The specific steps by which leads are converted differs from company to company; but the point is to keep that prospect interested and engaged by providing pertinent information, or answering their questions, or offering a special time-limited discount, etc., until they reach the point where they become a “qualified” lead. A qualified lead, for our purposes here, is a person who is now ready to make some form of commitment – such as to purchase something in your online store, or engage in a more in-depth consultation, evaluation or sales interview for whatever you have to offer.

You have now separated out the qualified leads from the “lookie-loos.”

The bottom line here is that you MUST have a definite sequence or methodology by which you bring prospects smoothly along through the sales cycle, or sales funnel  if you prefer, until a good percentage of them become customers or clients.

For many businesses, much of this process can be automated.

We would like to help you with both your lead generation and lead conversion processes.  It’s what we do, and we do it very well.  Contact us for a free consultation.
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