Online Press Releases Get Your News To Target Markets

An online press release (news release) that is well researched, written and optimized can bring remarkable results. “Optimized” online press releases are special press releases that are written like a news article but have your keywords embedded into them.  Finished press releases are best distributed by a wire service (an agency that distributes news to newspapers, radio, TV, online magazines and internet news aggregators, etc.) These releases, also called SEO press releases, help with your search engine optimization.

Online Press Releases Provide Opportunities To:

1 Get your message broadly disseminated across the USA, Canada and Internationally. This and blogging are viable ways to reach national and international audiences to market your business on the internet.

2 Build back links (one-way links to your website). Back links are part of Google’s formula for determining which websites will appear on page one. The more QUALITY back links you have that are truly RELEVANT to the subject matter on your web pages, the better for good search engine results, more visitors and more business.  Google penalizes sites that have low-quality, spammy backlinks.  But a properly targeted, online press release can generate good quality backlinks.

3 Get your messages displayed on other sites who have larger audiences than your website has. It is not uncommon for a quality written press release to get indexed in thousands of other websites for all to view.

4 Get your messages and brand out quickly to be seen by many. Your story gets viewed directly by your target audience without the censorship of traditional media outlets who may not be interested in what small business has to say.

5These optimized press releases can also be put onto your own website to increase the optimized content you have on the site, which will also help raise your search engine rankings.

SEO Optimized Online Press Releases

imgpress The Internet has changed the way we do business. Consumers want control of the content that they receive. More and more people are accessing news via the internet using Google News, MSN, Yahoo News and other services.

Your audiences are actively online searching for news, products and services. If they are actively out there searching for you, then you need to put your press releases where they’re looking, on the search engines and news engines.

People Have Less Trust In Advertising

In today’s competitive marketplace your website is only one element in your marketing. The shift in media consumption and the proliferation of social media sites requires a new online approach.

The world is moving from a push-based information-delivery system where unrequested information is pushed out via ads, postal mailings or emails … to an information-delivery system where the person actively searches out and “pulls in” information from the internet, as and when he or she wants.

Consumers and business buyers are rejecting interruption advertising and moving to finding the content they want and need. SEO press releases can tell your story directly to a large audience who are active on the internet.

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