Online Reputation Management


Our Online Reputation Management program can restore your good repute and create new goodwill.

If negative content is appearing on the internet concerning you or your company, don’t wait, act now.

With the widespread use of email, blogs, review sites and commentary in social media, it is very easy for anyone to post their opinions online … without taking an IQ test!  Competitors, disgruntled former employees or mean-spirited critics can post negative “reviews” and posts in many place in the “digital universe.” While many postings are positive, some can be very negative and completely uncalled for.

Undeserved and reputation-tarnishing statements posted online are part of the dark side of the internet.

The good news is, you can gain control over a negative situation and turn it around by undertaking an effective online reputation management program.  If you find yourself in this type of situation, the quicker you start handling it, the better… before it escalates.

Search engines, Yelp, Angie’s List, social media networks, blogs and even YouTube are some of the sites and pages that can affect your online reputation.

And with the proliferation of mobile devices, a negative message or image can be forwarded and spread quickly.

Those places are where potential clients go to check you out. If you have negative content on page one of Google, your prospective and current customers will feel less confident in doing business with you, and you will lose business to your competitors.

Google and other search engines deliver search results not only from major corporation websites, but from blogs, news, images, etc. There are no longer just a few websites that get the attention. This means you want to have favorable content about you in more places on the internet than just your website.

Research and Strategy

Even huge companies with good reputations can take hits from user generated content. You can check out the “Dell Hell” case study if interested.

Even more serious is a planned attack against a reputable business or an individual. This is an organized activity aimed at creating negative public opinion about an individual or organization, often originating from unscrupulous sources or someone with an agenda or “an ax to grind” or simply out of malicious glee. This is the underbelly or dark side of the internet.

The heart of online reputation management is solid research, followed by a good strategy to deal with the specific situations found, and then converting that strategy into a workable, step-by-step program that gets implemented fully to the desired end result.

Objectives of an Online Reputation Management Program

1. Address any real issues that need to be handled. For example, if your customer service functions poorly, then get that handled first.

2. Bump the negative information off the first page of the major search engines.

3. Lessen the impact of these negative posts through a consistent campaign of positive content creation – blog posts, articles, press releases and other targeted communications which will provide credibility for the organization, strengthen the positive perception of the organization or person and create interest among allies who will help forward the positive messages and content.

4. Continually communicate about the high quality, integrity, competence and high standards of the organization or person, and provide evidence that demonstrates the truth of these assertions.

5. Build a positive internet identity to thwart future attacks against the person or organization.

The Process in Four Stages

1. Research and monitoring: Investigate and locate the source of the negative information. Who/where is it coming from? Includes traditional news outlets, blogs, rating sites comments, review sites, competitors, etc.

2. Planning and strategy: Determine an effective strategy and create the campaign to handle the problem. Analyze what results show up in the major search engines – an analysis of the current situation to establish what results are showing on page 1, 2 and 3 in the major search engines. Look for “friendly” websites and blogs as an ally. Research what is in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. as they have large followings and traffic.

3. Execution: Primary is generating fresh, positive online content and good news and engaging the support of allies who would further help forward positive messages and content.

4. Review and evaluation: Track results, manage and adjust the campaign as needed until the desired end result is achieved.

Tools To Deploy

There are several tools that can be utilized to create interest in the organization, enhance your brand and create goodwill including:

1. Blogging – regular blogging can be hugely beneficial

2. Undertake blogger relations to engage with influential bloggers

3. Research, write and distribute optimized press releases

4. Quality Directory registrations and other similar tools

5. Syndicate content via news feeds

6. Utilize an online monitoring service to track online sentiment and changes over time

Resolving an online reputation management situation can take time. Depending on the severity of the situation, results can begin to appear within several weeks or a few months.

If you choose to use our services, you will receive a customized Online Reputation Management program tailored to your particular situation and needs.  Please contact us for a free, confidential consultation with no obligation whatsoever.