How To Use Instagram Effectively for More Business

Instagram needs to be part of Your Social Media Marketing. Here’s how you can use Instagram for more business and to make your company more people friendly and more real to your prospects and customers…

mobile-phone-197x300Mobile is the fastest growing, major communication channel. There are now literally millions of people who own a smart phone or tablet and like to text, send emails, visit websites, chat with friends and acquaintances, post pictures on the net or send them to friends.

Instagram is a free photo sharing network for mobile devices. It has over 80 million users and is growing rapidly.

You can use Instagram to humanize your company and give it a personality by posting interesting photos of your company, or photos of your employees or staff working behind the scenes. It is also a convenient way to stay in touch with your clients or customers and show off your latest products.

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As with most social media, you don’t want to overdo your advertising or self promotion on Instagram. Yes, you can announce new products or display your recently completed projects or your new premises by posting photos of them on Instagram.  Why not?  But if that’s the only  way you use this network, you will miss an opportunity to make a stronger connection with your prospects and clients, and a chance to make your company appear more people friendly.

photo-of-employees-300x200How about posting some photos of your employees at work, or your annual company picnic, your company softball or touch football team, or photos of your employees operating company equipment on a job site, or your boss’s birthday party? Post some photos of your clients using your products. Get creative. In a way, this is really all a part of your branding.

Social Media are truly a wonderful way to connect with prospects and customers, but you need to know how to use them correctly.

Don’t just jump into a social network without first getting a feel for the culture of that particular network.
If you violate that culture, you will be a social pariah not a social media whiz.  So take the time to do a bit of homework and research. This is definitely a case where, “You will be glad you did!”

At Results Professional Marketing, we have people who specialize in Social Media Marketing. They know how each of these networks operate, what the spoken or unspoken “rules of the road” are and the “terms of use.”  Most importantly, they know how to skillfully connect users of these sites up to a specific business without violating a network’s culture or generating poor word-of-mouth.

Mobile devices and social media networks such as Instagram, Pinterest, etc., are the future. And they are here to stay.  We can show you exactly how to use Instagram effectively for more business, just as we have done for other successful clients. Increase the visibility of your company and your website, and attract the kind of followers and customers who will give you favorable reviews.

Ultimately, the most powerful promotion you can have is favorable word of mouth (WOM). WOM is still senior to the press, TV, and advertising in general. All of your marketing efforts should add up to favorable word of mouth.

A properly conducted social media campaign can generate good word of mouth and be a real boost to your business.

Contact us for more information on how to use Instagram and other social media most effectively, or to learn more about the other internet marketing services we provide. We know the internet and how to market services and products online, very effectively.