How To Use Facebook For More Business

Social media are here to stay, and business owners and professionals would be remiss if they neglected to recognize the potential leads and revenue they can generate, especially through using a Facebook business page.

Over 1.39 billion people use Facebook at least monthly, if not weekly or daily. With a 13 percent increase in these figures year by year, a Facebook page can provide your business with massive visibility, a targeted audience, and steady traffic. However, if this isn’t enough to convince you, here are some the key Facebook business page benefits.

Keep Up With Your Competitors – or Even Beat Them

Pretty much everybody uses Facebook. Maybe you don’t have to do everything your competition does. Maybe you think you’ve always done fine without Facebook. But it is a huge part of people’s lives, so be on there and be visible. When it comes to a Facebook page, you may be missing out on opportunities, potential customers or even return customers without it. The old rule of business applies: If you’re not in the face of your customers regularly, you can bet your competitors are.

Facebook is Excellent for Search Engine Optimization

Having a Facebook business page is an effective way to direct traffic to your website or blog. Your posts, links and other activity on your page can also give you an SEO boost as Facebook links come up prominently in topic searches. Filling your page with rich content and using proven SEO terms can boost your search engine rankings dramatically. Sometimes your Facebook page may even rank above your official website.

Build a Customer Community

A huge benefit of a Facebook business page is you can put your business in front of people every single day and build a loyal following. A business page lets you alert customers instantly about offers, discounts, sales and events.

Your page is an invitation for customers, fans and interested parties to comment, provide reviews, voice concerns, and share their opinion of your product or service. This in turn attracts more traffic to your page and thus your website and premises. You can build this kind of interaction in a number of ways, including:

  • posting relevant and interesting links that make people want to click “Like” and receive your postings in their daily feed
  • creating “click bait” headlines and postings
  • encouraging reviews and recommendations
  • tempting fans to contribute with comments
  • organizing contests and promotions
  • offering incentives for activity on the page (likes, shares, etc.).

Other Great Benefits

  • Keep your marketing expenses down. The bang for your buck is unmatched.
  • Facebook Insights provide you with advice and directions for using your page effectively, especially monitoring the size of audience each post reaches and seeing which types of postings get most attention.
  • Your page is automatically optimized for mobile viewing.
  • Add links and videos to appear in your customer’s news feeds. They can share them with their friends and family, spreading news of your company even further.

Facebook is so much more than just a chat or entertainment medium. Many businesses have discovered the benefits of a Facebook page. And Facebook now accepts paid advertising (pay-per-click) which is proving to be VERY effective!

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