Marketing with Twitter

Here are some simple, practical tips for marketing with Twitter. Use them to improve your internet marketing.

But first, did you know that Google gives Twitter’s home page a PageRank of 10? That’s as high as Google’s PageRank goes, and Google only gives itself a 9 out of 10. That PageRank alone demonstrates that Twitter is a very popular network, and well worth cultivating.

  • Obviously, if you are brand new to Twitter, you will need to spend time learning how to navigate its platform and learning about hashtags, tiny urls, and so on. For our purposes here, we are assuming you have established an account and have already been doing some tweeting or are about to start.  (Note: If you would like some help in marketing with Twitter or other Social Media, contact us.)
  • When marketing with Twitter (or any social media) if you haven’t done so already, you should “lurk” or look around and get the lay of the land so to speak, before starting to tweet in earnest. There is a certain culture to most of the social sites, and your industry likely has a certain “tweeting culture.” So spend a little time and know before you go. For example, you might start by following a known industry leader or two and observing what they tweet about or retweet, and how often, etc.
  • Make a good first impression (or second impression) by ensuring your profile does you justice. You want a good bio and a good photo of yourself looking professional. But try to avoid the stern, cold look. Bottom line is you want a photo that people in your industry can relate to. After all, your tweets, bio, image, logo, etc., are the things people will use to determine if they want to follow you or not. Consider this a key part of your own or your company’s “branding” for twitter.  Ask yourself, “Why should people in my industry follow me?” Then make sure your profile answers that question.
  • Follow people who are in your industry. Depending on what industry you are in, this could include clients, manufacturers, distributors, owners and/or key executives of other companies in your industry, key employees of those companies, industry opinion leaders, and so on. However, you may want to skip some of your direct competitors for reasons known best to you.
  • What to tweet?  Think about it. What would you find interesting concerning your business or industry? You would probably want industry news, tips, advice, information you can USE. And the people who decide to follow you will want similar things: helpful, useful, informative content.  Content is KING on the internet.
  • When marketing with Twitter, or any social media, don’t overdo the self-promotion. If you are just tooting your own horn or blatantly promoting your company, you will not build a following. Occupy the viewpoint of your intended audience. They won’t mind some company news or references to your business every so often; but mostly you want a nice mix of industry news, tips and advice, and retweets as mentioned above.
  • Before you post a tweet make sure you proofread it for spelling and grammatical errors, typos, etc. Your tweets are like small ambassadors representing you or your company.
  • Follow people who follow you. If someone follows you and they are not a spam account, follow them back. But do check their account first and see what they are really all about before following back.
  • Retweet tweets from other people. If you find something interesting, retweet it. Even better, reply to it or answer people’s questions they may have on Twitter.
  • Just like you may have done for your first tweet if you’ve been tweeting for a while, tweet some 3rd party content and make a great statement about it.
  • Occasionally, tweet links to your own website.
  • Tweet images. People looove images. A good, relevant photo or graphic can get a message across quickly. And others will retweet it if it’s interesting and relevant.
  • Lastly, don’t be afraid to use a little humor in your tweets occasionally. It shows you are human. But be careful… what’s funny to one person may be offensive to someone else.

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