Website Design and Development

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Website design and development is more than just selecting a few pictures, typing up some content and putting it on the web… then expecting it to be a functional and successful vehicle to attract traffic and potential clients.

No matter how small or large your business or practice is, the purpose of our website development and design services is to ensure it has a distinctive, attractive and highly visible presence on the internet.

Whether our clients need a website re-design, a completely new website design, e-commerce, an upgrade to Responsive Web Design (RWD) so their site shows up well on mobile devices, or they need web-based systems development, we provide a process to help them focus on:

  • What the business goals are for their site
  • Who they are trying to attract to their website
  • What they want to say to potential clients when they arrive at their website
  • What they want the potential customer or client to DO when they get to their website
  • How to provide their prospects and customers with a satisfying, quality experience on their website

Key Ingredients of Good Website Design and Development Services

We work on three major marketing points:

1 ATTRACT visitors, not only to the home page but to specific landing pages in the site

2 INTEREST keep those visitors on your website with a captivating statement and relevant information

3 Communicate a clear, compelling MESSAGE in a user-friendly format, encouraging visitors to respond to a Call-To-ACTION…

Contact Results Professional Marketing Inc. for information on how we can apply these marketing principals on your website.

As part of the design we create pertinent Calls-To-Action (CTA). These can take the form of a button or a text link.
The purpose of the call to action is to assist a website visitor on what you want them do next.

Getting a visitor to take some type of action on your site creates a key metric that is typically called a “trackable conversion” so you can monitor your “conversion rate.”
You need visitors to get interested, involved and then engage with you in one form or another in order to create a lead, or a sale if you have an eCommerce store. There are many number of things you may want your potential client to do, depending on your business model, such as:

  • “click here to read more about the product,”
  • “contact us today for more information”
  • fill out a request-a-quote form
  • look through your e-commerce store if you have one,
  • “click to submit your order” (if that would be appropriate at that point),
  • download a PDF file, white paper, ebook, etc., etc.

Website Design and Development Strategy

graphic montage of websitesWithout a strategic marketing plan for the home page and each of the interior pages, it’s easy to confuse the potential customer as to what your objective really is on the website.

Marketing plans don’t have to be long and arduous. They do need to be specific and focused. That element is often missed in website design and development. Everyone wants a beautiful website, but the key factor is to bring in business, and each website design should be unique in how that is best accomplished.

Whether you are a retailer, a corporation, a healthcare provider, a not-for profit, or a small local business, you need to be on the web. It is an ESSENTIAL part of doing business today in our inter-connected culture.

Whatever your business goals are, we can design and develop an aesthetic, user-friendly website to help you accomplish them!

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