Six Ways Guest Blogging Can Help Your Business

benefits of guest bloggingRegular blogging on your website adds content for visitors to dive into and – done right – can enhance your rankings in search engine results. If yours is getting a bit stale or lacking some spark, consider having a well-known guest to contribute some blogs. Or vice versa: you be a guest blogger for another site.

The benefits of guest blogging can be pretty huge.

It’s a great way to work together to bolster content, boost brand prestige, build strong business relationships, create opportunities, and get more links and leads.

Stronger Social Network Presence

Social media are a huge factor in the success of many businesses. As we hurtle down the road toward the internet of things (IoT), your ranking in search engines and your presence in front of customers, followers and leads will absolutely benefit from linking your content to your social media accounts. If you do some guest blogging, your name and business will be on even more content that is spread further afield than just your account or page. Plus, the more opportunities there are for the content to be shared, the more you will get linked and the higher your social media credibility will climb.


Your brand identity is very important. Your goal should be for it to be recognized instantly. It stands to reason that the more people who see it regularly, the closer you will be to that goal. Every guest blog you contribute should include your logo and links back to your site – at the minimum.

Become an Authority

benefits of guest bloggingAs you contribute quality blogs (sharp, relevant, helpful, well crafted) and they get shared on many sites and social media pages, you can establish yourself as an authority in your field. The benefit of guest blogging here is that people will look to you more for what you have to offer. Once you establish yourself as an expert, many doors can open for you. Of course, your writing needs to be original, strong and authentic. You cannot regurgitate or republish old information.

Benefits to Your Own Site’s Content Through Your Experience

The more you write as a guest blogger, the better you will become at it. That translates into improved content writing for your own site and social media. Look for constructive criticism and see what resonates with readers so you can learn and improve even more. The better you get, the more readers you’ll attract for your own business.

Support Causes

Creating a brand and writing blogs is not always about money. Becoming an authority and expanding your social media reach can afford you the clout to talk about anything you may want to. One of the added benefits of regular guest blogging is that you can have an opinion about causes and issues that are important to you but not necessarily related to your business. When you help the environment and be a warrior for the weak and a voice for the voiceless, you help your business image and standing.

Bring in Guests Yourself

benefits of guest bloggingBuild relationships with authorities and invite them to contribute material to your website. It’s very much like having well-known figures advertise for you, but in this case they’re being associated with your brand as they provide information. Guests get to help themselves and their companies while you get the prestige of showing your association. It’s win-win.

So, consider guest blogging. The benefits are totally worth the effort.

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