Snapchat or Instagram Stories: What Should You Use for Your Business?

snapchat stories, Instagram storiesSocial media is constantly changing and evolving – for individuals and businesses alike. If your thinking about social media presence and marketing is limited to Facebook only, you’re missing opportunities.

Businesses that utilize new tools first are the first to reach potential customers and have their brands associated with each social experience.

The thing with social media is getting your name, brand and story out there in front of people. Yes, story.

The up and coming demographic for spending is the Millennials. And two of their preferred social media are Snapchat and Instagram.

In August 2016, Instagram Stories was launched. It’s a feature that is strikingly similar to Snapchat Stories. This begs the questions: How are they different? And which is better for your business marketing?

What It Is

snapchat stories, Instagram storiesSnapchat is a mobile app that allows users to send pictures and videos that characteristically self destruct after a person views them or after a set time. For a more sustained share, they have a Stories option, that allows a 24-hour collection of photos and videos to be broadcast. In essence, you tell a story through pictures and videos. As we know in marketing and media, visual images make a massive impression on people’s conscious and subconscious. The opportunity to use a string of images to tell a story is perfect for a canny marketer.

Instagram is an enormously popular mobile and video sharing app. Now it has added its own Stories feature that is practically identical to Snapchat.

By the Surface Numbers

snapchat stories, Instagram storiesIf the goal of marketing is to reach the most potential customers, Instagram is the clear winner between Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories.

The main reason for this is because the numbers are heavily stacked in Instagram’s favor. At present, Instagram is used by more than 400 million users (that’s more than Twitter), while Snapchat – keeping in mind, it’s newer – has half that, at 200 million.

So, for exposure and penetration, we’ll give this round to Instagram.

Interaction – a Clear Leader

When it comes to people interacting with social media postings, Instagram absolutely kills all the competition… including Facebook! See here under the “different interaction rates” section. Instagram Stories looks exceedingly promising for marketers.

User Experience

Long before Instagram Stories  launched, Snapchat found itself plagued with problems, most of which stemmed from the platform’s user interface. It isn’t that user friendly and there’s a lot of trial and error learning to use it – swiping, taping, jabbing and the inevitable frustration associated with the creators not labeling functions clearly.

Instagram, both on the whole and with its new Stories feature, is very user friendly. Not only does Instagram allow you to share across multiple platforms with  greater ease than Snapchat, it is also inherently a more recognized and trusted brand.

Another round to Instagram Stories.

Is It a KO?

At the moment, it looks like Instagram Stories will be dealing a tough blow to Snapchat Stories. But nothing is set in stone and things can change in a hurry with social media, as we’ve seen in recent years. Time will tell if Snapchat Stories can weather the storm or diversify to compete.

In your case, both platforms offer great opportunities for your business to put its story in front of Millennials. If you’re not sure how, contact online marketing professionals whose job it is to keep a finger on the pulse at all times.

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