Solution Sales – Another Way to Increase Your Sales

solution sales

If you or your business have a defined solution to a defined problem that you can offer to individuals or other businesses, you may find this interesting…

Many times, people or companies are simply looking for a SOLUTION to a perceived problem or even several problems.

This is especially true when it comes to technical equipment. But it also applies in other areas, such as when a business is looking for ways to increase their sales or ways to help improve their productivity.

Consultants, in many cases, make their living by pointing out, or directly providing, solutions for their clients.

A Real Life Healthcare Example of a Solution Sale

Here’s an example I’m borrowing from an acquaintance of mine… Perhaps someone’s dad or grandfather wants a dental implant because their lower dentures keep needing adjustments as the mass of their jaw bone decreases, which is what happens when all of a person’s lower teeth have been pulled.

But the grandfather has been told that he now has too little bone mass in his jaw in which to place a dental implant.

Along comes a dental practice advertising that they have the technology and skills to have successfully placed dental implants for many patients….. patients who’ve been told by other dentists that they were not candidates for an implant because of too little bone mass.

Bingo! A solution for grandpa.

A Common Sales Mistake that Could Be Costing You a Lot of Money

Problems & Solutions
You have a “killer” solution to a problem that your target market is always running into. So you gear up your sales & marketing efforts to pound home the message about your solution to the problem.

And, this definitely can work… straight ahead solution selling is a major type of sales approach. Especially, when an individual or enterprise is already looking for ways to upgrade or improve their current situation.

The main thing that can go wrong with this approach – especially when it comes down to a one-on-one sales interview or consultation with a prospective customer or client – is when people or enterprises are in denial about a negative situation or problem, or simply aren’t aware of it… whether it’s a health problem, a financial problem or a business situation.

Depending on the severity of the situation, you would need to give them a wake-up call concerning their problem or situation, instead of just talking about your solution. Show them how that negative situation will gradually (or even quickly) get worse if not successfully handled, providing this is true.

Until an individual, company or country – whatever – really sees and acknowledges that they indeed have a problem or negative situation, they won’t be receptive to your solution to that problem.

To put it very directly, perhaps even “crassly,” sometimes you have to first “sell the problem” before you can “sell the solution.” Of course, by ‘sell the problem’ we mean get the individual or enterprise to see, to be aware, that there really is a problem. Just get them to look!

Now that reality has set in, and you really have their attention, bring them to see why your solution is the best remedy for that particular problem or situation.

Again, this type of approach can be very powerful in a one-on-one sales situation. It’s powerful, because it is grounded in reality. The person or enterprise has a definite situation or problem, and you have a definite solution for that situation.

To end on a brighter note, when an individual or business is already wanting to improve their situation or operations, and you have a solution for them, your job now is to show them why yours is the best solution for their particular needs or wants.

Written by Bob Nelson

Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to RESULTS PROFESSIONAL MARKETING and a clickable link back to this page.

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