Summer’s Over – Time To Increase Your Website Traffic

In the financial markets there is a saying that sums up how traders and investors view the summertime doldrums: “Sell in May and go away.”

increase your website trafficTraditionally, summertime in the northern hemisphere is when school is out, the sun is shining and many people go on vacation or “summer holidays.” So the number of professionals  actively trading the financial markets in the summertime drops off considerably. Less people trading means a more volatile trading and investing environment. This causes many other traders who aren’t going on vacation to also stop trading, or to trade much less frequently.

Internet traffic can also diminish in the summertime – especially during July and August – because millions of North Americans and Europeans are coming and going on vacations.

This can be quite frustrating for those who make their income by selling on the net – website owners with shopping carts, people who sell on Ebay and so on.  It can also be a downer for website owners who get a good portion of their leads from the internet.

If your website traffic took a dive during July and August the good news is that, in the U.S., Labor Day has come and gone, kids are back in school, vacations are over and website traffic should be picking up.  Is your website ready to capture your fair share of potential website visitors who are back from vacations and surfing the net?

A short checklist to increase your website traffic. (Also see our other blogs.)

  • Every key page on your site is centered around a well-researched KEYWORD.
  • Every key page has a headline that includes that well-researched keyword.
  • That headline or the sentence or two immediately following it, also offers a BENEFIT to your website visitors. That is, what are you offering them that answers these questions, “What’s in it for me?”  “What do I get by doing business with you, or filling out your form, or by doing whatever it is you want me to do on this page?”  “Is there some reason I should give you my attention or my business rather than clicking away and going elsewhere?”
  • If a visitor to your site’s home page or main landing page doesn’t get a message from your page that meets the expectations they had when they clicked to your site from a search engine… they will be gone in just a few seconds. Is your message clear?  Is it’s subject matter on topic with the keyword that likely brought your visitors there?
  • One more time because it’s important:  If your visitors don’t “get” the benefit or advantage you are offering them by doing business with you, they will leave in a few seconds. Is the key benefit of doing business with you very clearly stated or obvious?  There are a jillion voices and choices out there on the net today. So your website really has to be tuned in to what your potential customers or visitors are looking for, what they are expecting, what they want. And they have to get that message very quickly when they visit your site, or off they go!
  • Is your website very easy to navigate with logically arranged navigation menus so visitors can find what they are looking for very quickly?
  • Is the copy on your pages easy to read and understand?
  • Do you have “call-to-action” links or buttons on your key page(s) to encourage visitors to take the next step if they are interested in what you have to offer?
  • Is it very clear how your website visitors can contact you – email, phone call, whatever?
  • VERY KEY: Is your website properly optimized for the search engines?  Not over-optimized which will get you penalized, and not under-optimized to the point where no one can find you.  Do your really understand what good SEO consists of today?  If not you need to find out quickly, or contact people who do know.  It’s actually quite a fluid technology.

Summer’s over… no excuses.  You should be getting your fair share of website traffic.  If not, something needs fixing on your site.  Find it, fix it, flaunt it.

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