Client Testimonials


Your Bin Disposal Services

We had Results Professional Marketing do a website for our bin company. They were extremely professional producing this good looking site in short order with all the points we were wanting. I would recommend this team, in particular, for their high level care and determination. It has been a pleasure working with them.

S. Restivo

Crow Canyon Software

The team at Results Professional Marketing has been a pleasure to work with. They have worked hard to improve our website and its SEO. They have managed our Social Media presence with skill. Our leads are increasing and the company is growing, thanks, in a large part, to the marketing efforts of Wren, Gerry, and the rest of the team!

Peter Byrne

Kassel Painting Ltd.

Dear Results Professional Marketing Team,

Thanks for the work to get the email and website migrated over to the new hosting. Everything is working fine now.

I want to comment how pleased I am with the overall experience dealing with your company. Obviously computers and the Internet are tricky things. They don’t always just do what we want. It takes patience and listening to understand the problems and then the technical knowledge and persistence to fix them. Your company has been very good on both counts.

Further on the redesign of our website your priorities were clear: to design the site to increase visits that can then lead to sales. Again, you listened to my ideas and incorporated them into the site or suggested better options to increase productivity. You designed it to catch market share and it is working. 129 hits in 2 days is great!

There are lots of people these days that program ‘computer code’. But you guys also understand ‘people code’ and that makes the ‘interface’ a lot easier.

Thanks for everything!

Kevin L.

New Era Electronics

Trying to find the right web designer or marketing firm is a really grueling process. You set up interviews and see many different firms and hear what they have to offer and then eventually it all blurs together. That’s about where I was when I was looking for the right firm. We’d seen so many different people and they all weren’t able to give us quite what we wanted in the way of our website and online marketing. The pricing was through the roof and some of them were planning to change the ideas that we’d had in the first place.

It was around this time that we came into contact with Results Professional Marketing. They came recommended to us by a large business executive and so we decided to give them a try. The services that they offered for their low price left me a bit skeptical at first. I wasn’t sure how they could give good service for such a low cost. Once we started out with them they laid my worries to rest.

The first thing that they did was design an enormous website with over 450 pages and a full relational database for all of our products. They also took the time to upload all of the product information themselves, expending hundreds of hours on our behalf on the project. This much alone is worth tens of thousands of dollars, but we were able to secure all of this through the purchase of their platinum plan.

In addition to the website, their marketing and SEO work has done wonders for our company. I can’t begin to list out all of the actions that they have taken, but I can say that after using them for less than 6 months the amount of reaches that we get has increased by a factor of five.

Aside from the results, the thing that sets this company aside from all of the others is that when I told them to do something or when I said the direction we wanted to go, they would do it. They wouldn’t say why it couldn’t be done, they wouldn’t try to change my entire plan, they would guide me in the right direction and they would do what I asked using all of their professional expertise.

I highly recommend this company.

John Haslem

Dan Thompson Game Calls

To anyone considering having a website designed from scratch or re-designing a current website I would highly recommend Gerry Baldwin & Wren Long and their fine staff at Results Professional Marketing. We had them completely rebuild our website from the ground up about two years ago and it was done in a very cost efficient and professional manner with many hours absorbed by them as they learned our industry so that they could better recommend the best approach and presentation to the consumer- our customer.

Gerry and his staff were extremely diligent in the complete layout of our site including setting up multiple email sites that were all synchronized, importing of pictures, setup of video, setup of our shopping cart with PayPal, language translation for worldwide distribution, addition of testimonials and blog updates, etc. etc. Anything that we have needed or ask for, RPM has jumped right on the project and have always kept their word on time schedules, timely enhancements, and projected costs. We have been and continue to be very pleased with their fine work and business ethics.

Most importantly Gerry, Wren, and their staff are just great people-“business is business but great people make the business” and anyone working with RPM will quickly find that RPM is a great business!

John Haslem
Dan Thompson Game Calls

Gord McKay

Baitrix Fishing Products Ltd.

I wish to pass on my extreme gratitude for the effort and expertise Results Professional Marketing Team has put into our Website re-construction. The results are truly outstanding.

As I indicated at the outset of our discussions I desired an e-commerce Website that was attractive, informative and easily navigated by our visitors. This result has been achieved beyond my expectations.

Again, my thanks for a truly outstanding job. I would recommend your services to anyone striving to achieve the very best in Website development.

Dominique N

Nelson Construction and Renovation Inc.

When we first signed up with Results Professional Marketing, we were a bit leery of spending the money.  After working with them for just a few months, however, it became very clear that we made one of the smartest moves we could have made for the expansion of our company.

Not only did we receive exchange in abundance in the amount of work they put into our website (which is beautiful), social media, blogs and other services, we really started seeing results. The leads coming in are exactly the kinds of leads we want – high-end, big-game, highly-interested people.

Not long ago we closed one of our biggest jobs ever, and that reach came from the website.  We are very happy with the service from RPM and we look forward to continued expansion with their help!

D. Kerr

Kerr Construction and Design

Here are the things I like about what you do for us

I have complete and 100% trust that you are doing the best job that you can for us and it really shows that you care about our success.

You stay on top of the changes in the industry so I don’t have to.

You have understood what I need for my specific niches of high end renovations, custom homes and roofing and have been able to deliver.

The real evidence of your value to us is the fact that you have reduced our marketing costs, increased our lead flow, and improved our image with our public so it’s easier to sell to the clients we want.

I consider you an extension of our marketing department.

Crow Canyon Systems

Results Professional Marketing helped us accelerate our digital marketing efforts. With the complex marketing environment now in the digital world, it is important to have people expert and skilled in how to navigate it. RPM helped us establish a significant social media presence, raised our organic search results, revised our website, and generated numerous content pieces, such as blogs. The company regularly kept track of our rankings and progress while advising us what steps to take to increase our traffic and conversions. The only “mistake” they made, if you want to call it that, is helping us grow to the point where we could hire a dedicated, in-house marketing team!