The 10 Most Asked Questions About Hiring Digital Marketers – Pt. 1

hiring digital marketersIn today’s world, your business needs every advantage that it can get. Marketing changes almost every day mainly because digital marketing has taken over. Therefore, hiring digital marketers to help your business get ahead simply makes sense. They’ll work with you to create a brand identity, produce campaigns, design your website, create online content for SEO, and much more – all to gain you more hits, get your site ranked higher, and turn lookers into buyers. We’ve done some leg work for you by answering 10 FAQs about hiring a digital marketing firm. Here are the first five. The others will be in Part 2.

  1. Digital v Traditional Marketing?

If you don’t know the difference right out of the gate, then chances are pretty good that hiring digital marketers makes sense. Traditional marketing includes things like billboards, flyers, newspaper and magazine ads, TV and radio spots, and so on. Digital marketing is anything dealing with the internet and, more specifically, social media. Your website, Twitter, Facebook, and email are all part of digital marketing. People find out most of their information online these days, so digital marketing is about increasing your online presence, defining your brand, and creating paying customers instead of browsers. If this is a mystery to you, hire digital marketers.

  1. Social Media: What Should I Do?

Social media has become massive for marketing. But for many business owners, predicting social media trends or even understanding them can be a mystery. Digital marketers use proven marketing techniques to give you a better chance at social media success. There are several big social media platforms and you should utilize all of them in order to increase your online footprint and visibility. Marketers that specialize in these fields are well worth the investment.

  1. Can’t I Use Marketing Automation Tools Instead?

hiring digital marketersIf only marketing tasks really could be automated. Unfortunately, they can’t. There are tools like Hubspot that can do the ‘accounting’ of your campaign stats and help you crunch numbers to see where your marketing efforts have been effective. Nonetheless, these tools are only a supplement. Hiring digital marketers is the closest you can get to automation. They’ll do much of the work for you. While automation tools are very useful for certain campaigns, like e-mail direct marketing, someone still needs to write the marketing material.

  1. Can I Afford Them?

Hiring digital marketers involves costs but doing it is invaluable. That goes double when you compare the price of digital marketers with employing your own marketing person and paying salary, sick benefits, insurance, vacation time, etc. Even then you still have to hope your employee can do the job effectively. A good digital marketing firm will show you its track record of success, do all the research for you, work with you on a budget that you can live with, and offer a range of service levels so you can choose ‘a la carte’.

  1. What About Updating My Website?

hiring digital marketers Your website is often the first thing potential customers see. It becomes the face of your company. Keeping that site updated is a continuous task. Letting it become ‘stale’ is a recipe for diminishing your online presence and dropping in visibility. Hiring marketers will ensure continuous updating, fresh content and images, upgrading for new developments and systems, integration with social media, e-commerce solutions, updating security, and more.

In short, hiring digital marketers provides you with the very best and relieves you of the grunt work yet keeps you firmly in the captain’s chair calling all the shots. If you’re still not sure, we’ll answer the next five most common questions in Part 2.

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