Tips for Designing Your Website’s Shopping Cart

website shopping cart designThink a web shopping cart is just a shopping cart and all that matters is security? Think again!

A well designed cart results in more sales. A poorly designed one puts people off from pulling the trigger and makes them abandon a cart to go somewhere else like Amazon.

We implore you not to just use whatever is simple and available. And definitely don’t just cut and paste code.

Here are some website shopping cart design tips to get you more sales and fewer abandonments.

Size is Everything

Making your shopping cart/basket icon so small that it essentially gets lost on the site is a very common mistake. You might think a customer won’t mind taking 10-20 seconds to look around for it, but you’d be mistaken. This website shopping cart design flaw is an easy fix. Take the time to make it larger and place it in a prominent location.

Following Mini-Cart

website shopping cart designThere are often two kinds of carts to place on your site: a ‘small’ and a ‘full’. A small, or miniature, shopping cart provides only a basic list of the items already added. A full cart provides every detail that a customer may require about the items in it. Why pick and choose? Use both and make that smaller cart become very noticeable as well as have it follow users from page to page. It serves as a simple reminder that they’ve chosen something to buy and doubles as an easy to find basket. This really should be commonplace for all website shopping cart designs.

Subscribe to the KISS Method

While bells and whistles have their place in some aspects of website shopping cart design, the KISS method should always be utilized when designing how customers actually give you their money. Keep it as simple as possible. If you make it overcomplicated, like with extensive registration processes or password rules that’d make the Pentagon envious, customers get annoyed. Then they turn away from being customers.

To Register or Not

It’s completely understandable that you want to customers to join your merry band more formally, but is it really necessary for them to create an account? What do you have to offer that warrants that level of commitment? Many people who open a website shopping cart and find themselves confronted by rows of boxes to create an account will promptly leave. It’s exactly the same principle as trying to sign someone up in a physical retail location. Some will be OK with it, while others definitely will not. They fear the process has no purpose other than to bombard them with SPAM and offers. If you must include account registration or something similar, make it simple by using data already inputted from the checkout form and then just adding a password. If you choose to go that route, make it all visible and easy to find.

Don’t Ignore Winning Features

While you don’t want your website shopping cart design to be overloaded, you shouldn’t neglect features customers will find useful. Allow them to leave feedback and comments – without being a ‘member’. Enable them to save and favorite items. And, most importantly, allow users to save a shopping cart for next visit.

Security and Payment

website shopping cart designYour customers need to know your site is secure. You know that it is, but show them clearly.

They must feel comfortable checking out using their information.

Acknowledge the security you have in place by displaying an image or making note of your SSL.

Subsequently, when they do checkout, let them pay in multiple ways from credit card to PayPal to bitcoin.

Ask Web Design Gurus

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the allure of doing everything yourself. But trust an experienced web design team to advise you and lead you through the process of designing your website’s shopping cart. They’re experienced because they have served their clients faithfully. If they screwed up in the past, they wouldn’t have stayed in business long enough to become truly experienced. It’s simply smart business to learn from those who have been successful at this shopping cart game.

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