Tips on Using Webinar Marketing to Increase Revenue

webinar marketingIf you hear “webinar” and think “boring… dry… no return… waste of time”, you’re missing a huge opportunity. If you have tried promoting a webinar before and made it only about providing streams of information and pitching products, or nobody logged in, you missed an opportunity. Let’s fix that and turn some stereotype ideas on their head.

Webinar marketing can be hugely helpful. It’s not that people are jaded or don’t have the time/inclination to participate.

It operates under the same principle as any online marketing: if you make it compelling, people will click.

Don’t Sell It

webinar marketingA big mistake in webinar marketing is to sell admittance. Yes, we’ve seen successful big marketers and companies sell out their webinars at big prices. Those companies can do that because they have built a huge following and appear to be offering exclusive and privileged information to that following. Many can utilize the “cult of personality”. But they are a few steps ahead. The people signing up are already customers. Meanwhile, you want people to attend your webinar so you can then convert them into customers in the first place.

If you charge for participating, it’s easy for people to look at it as just a revenue generator.

Besides, consumers always like free stuff. If you are doing a webinar, make it available free to subscribed customers. When people sign up, they demonstrate that they’re interested and you can use these registrations for more marketing down the road. It’s an investment in…

Building Relationships

A webinar is a way of connecting with customers, and potential customers, in ways you usually couldn’t. They get to see you and talk to you up close. How you comport yourself, and how professionally you prepare and market the webinar, are all important to them connecting with you and thus trusting you.

Get the Copy Right

Mary Poppins said it: “Practically perfect in every way.” That’s how your webinar marketing copy needs to be. Information about the webinar needs to grab attention quickly, yet be fluid and engaging enough to make people want to sign up.

Webinar marketing starts with the title. Tell people what they’ll get. Be direct. Use titles that:

  • Ask a question – “Do you want to be renowned for customer service?”
  • Inspire action – “Rev up customer service and be the best.”
  • Solve a problem – “How to provide legendary service.”
  • Generate curiosity – “How the best customer service always brings them back.”

Include a course outline with several bullet points on topics. If you will have a guest, introduce him/her, display a picture, and show his/her qualifications as an expert.

Social Media is Your Friend

webinar marketingSocial media ain’t no passing fad. In fact, it’s the most potent way to promote your webinar. Give it a great hook and it could go viral.

Include a Twitter hashtag in the lead up. Mention that hashtag during the webinar to live-stream Q&A, and again after to continue converting your community.

Create events on Facebook and Google+, use LinkedIn to get your circle of contacts spreading the webinar, and use Periscope to engage the audience from a whole other perspective. This will make them feel completely engaged and “in the moment” which will lead to webinar marketing success.

Don’t Be Pushy

Fight the urge to send multiple e-mail notifications, text notifications, Facebook reminders, etc. Overhyping will turn people off.

Should you send reminders? Of course! Make it friendly, not forceful. Don’t abuse your customer list.

Make reminders (very) short, helpful, and use action words like “Get the last seats” or “I’d love to see you there”.

Send a notification a week after signing up and then one day before the webinar. Use your other marketing, like social media and online newsletters, to include reminders by way of ads.

Lastly, if you’re still in doubt about the effectiveness of webinar marketing, or if you can present an effective webinar yourself, contact online marketing professionals for help. It’s a great investment.

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