Top 6 Ways to Get More Blog Traffic

get more blog trafficIf you build it, they will come. Right? Not necessarily! More like… If you build it RIGHT, they will come. Better! Just writing a blog and publishing it isn’t enough to guarantee hits. Even adding a few keywords isn’t always enough.

A blog without traffic is ultimately a diary. Without knowing how to make people find it, that diary, or blog, will remain languishing and unseen, with little to no potential to make you money.

Fortunately, there are many methods and techniques to get more blog traffic. When it comes to using blogs to put yourself and your business out there, think like you’re hedging your bets and use them all. Doing all the little things can add up to big things.

The name of the game is getting more people to read your blog and, in turn, visit your website.  Try these practical tips and you will start to get noticed more.

Blog Consistently

Volume of material can really count. Set a regular schedule for when you will update or add a blog. Then lay out a few topics in advance. To get more traffic, try finishing each blog with a taste or promise of what to expect next. It will show readers you are serious about providing them with regular content.

Titles Speak Volumes

While the adage ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ might be wise, many of us are regularly guilty of doing the unwise thing. But this isn’t a book. This is the internet. The first thing people read is the title; if it isn’t compelling, chances are it won’t get read.

Help People

Choose topics carefully and make sure they are truly relevant to your field. Don’t put out unrelated or “fringe” stuff just to draw people in – they’re likely to click elsewhere. Aim to solve problems for readers and research what is trending. As a rule, sites that offer valuable information are the ones that get more blog traffic.

Post in Social Media and Encourage People to Share

When people share your content, that’s free marketing. To encourage sharing, put a share bar prominently in your post with buttons and widgets linked to a variety of social media platforms. Also, target your blog directly to the audience you believe is most likely to share your post. Do the things above, specifically solve problems, provide helpful information, and keep them engaged. Doing these things can encourage sharing because people love to spread around things they “discover”.

By the way, I said to post in social media. Why? The more places your blog can be found in search engines, the better your chances of getting more traffic (and thus more shares). Besides, social media platforms make sharing so easy.

Share More Than Once

You can share some posts more than once. Just because a topic is a few weeks old might not mean it is any less valuable. On days that you don’t produce new content, go back in the catalogue and share an older post across the multitude of platforms available. It may find a new audience.

Be SEO Friendly

Whether your organization is large or small, SEO is always important. Learn the typical searches people enter, use the keywords, understand the analytics of Google and other engines. This can be tricky for some – and time consuming for all – but well worthwhile. When in doubt, hire SEO and online marketing professionals to really rev up your online presence and hits.

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