How to Use Analytics and SEO to Make Money

seo and analyticsIn today’s digital marketing landscape, getting your company’s website and content noticed online can be a challenge, let alone converting visitors to buyers. Is SEO passé? Not in the least! It’s still vital in marketing. The question is how you know it’s working – or not.

The answer is analytics.

Use SEO and analytics to pinpoint your company’s online strengths and weaknesses and you will go a long way to ensuring you’re spending time and money on what’s working – thus making money – and not wasting them on methods that aren’t.

View Organic Search Traffic

Search engine optimization is a science. It’s rooted in data. On the other hand, there’s also an element of gambling. There is literally no way to predetermine how your SEO efforts will pay off. But you can make educated guesses. Aside from SEO and analytics, there’s organic search. When SEO isn’t working the way you want, an organic search can still help people find you. Make this work for you by isolating this specific traffic. Most analytic sites, apps and software will have this option, so take advantage of it. Data mine the reports to determine the most popular pages, which keywords drove the most traffic, which search engines did the job best, and which pages visitors were on when they exited.

Pages Loading Slow? Get On That

Getting consumers to stick on your site is a lot like herding cats. You need to maintain their attention. If you don’t, they get bored and go elsewhere. Your pages need to load fast – all of them. Otherwise, user experience is lost and so is revenue. SEO and analytics are different sides of the same coin. When you look at your analytics data, pay close attention to page timings. You’ll notice that the slower pages are where potential consumers drop out. Fix those pages. Something so simple could make you more money.

Create a Customized SEO Dashboard

SEO and analytics can become pretty confusing, but don’t despair. How your SEO analytics data are displayed to you will affect how much you understand, retain, and act upon. Create one, simple, easy to read dashboard just for SEO. It should include the figures for organic visits, keywords, new visitor percentage, which pages are popular, load times, etc. Being able to present SEO, and show it simply, can drastically change perception of its usefulness.

SEO Traffic: Quality over Quantity

seo and analyticsOne issue that many people have is that they can’t decipher the difference between good SEO and bad. Often they focus only on quantity of visitors when they should be considering quality. Making use of SEO and analytics will aid you in mucking out the piles of data to find the best SEO. Google Analytics, as well as other services, provides reports called ‘conversions’. Compare these conversions to different days, times of days, months, etc. When you determine the ebb and flow between them, you can formulate a plan to better use SEO.

Change and Track

With SEO, it takes time to create enough relative content to make an impact. Look at your analytics and determine your strong and weak points. Create a plan of attack based around the data and implement it with gusto. Then do the hardest thing you can: wait. Give it time to spider through the web, then mine that data. Make tweaks, rinse and repeat.

Of course, when in doubt, advice about making money through SEO and analytics is always available through a dedicated and successful online marketing firm. Sometimes it makes sense to go to the people who make their very livelihoods by mastering these elements.

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