How to Use Headlines to Drive Your Traffic and Conversions

headlines online marketingHeadlines and online marketing go hand in hand because both are about attracting the attention of consumers and search engines.

Your rankings in online searches affect your website hits and sales conversions. One of the first things Google sees when figuring out rankings is content headlines. The ‘wrong’ headline can cause your rankings to slip, especially if it doesn’t fit the content of your site. A misleading or improperly formatted headline will also have a negative effect. But a relevant and well-crafted headline can grab attention and drive traffic to you.

Word Choice Matters… a Lot

When it comes to headlines and online marketing, the words you choose, as well as the type of content that goes with the headlines, matters a great deal. Choose words that are striking. They must be bold, strong, and, most importantly, to the point. Brevity is king for the best headlines, provided they accurately describe or support the content. While you might love coming up with clever headlines, if they aren’t directly related to the content (i.e. too clever), they won’t help your ranking at all. A professional content company can do the necessary legwork to pick out the best keywords to use in your headlines and assist you to deliver more punch.

List Postings

headlines online marketing

List posts are some of the most shared things online. That’s because their headlines are online marketing in its most pure form. Headlines for list posts can range from ‘The 10 Best Bars in San Francisco’ to ‘The 5 Worst Rob Zombie Movies’.

As you can see, the title for such content explains exactly what a post is about. Search engines pick out keywords, and surrounding keywords, to determine relevance.

The more relevant the title is to the content, the better your post will rank.

The ‘How To’ Headline

Some of the most searched for content comes in the form of ‘how to’ articles, a lot like this one. People love to learn and these types of headlines for online marketing purposes can work wonders. They are direct and simple to understand, be they ‘How to Rebuild a Mustang Engine’ or ‘How to Make Cream Puffs’.

Keep ‘how to’ headlines as short and direct as possible.

People Love Graphics

Another headline style includes images. Sites like BuzzFeed earn millions of viewers because they combine images with text content to create entertaining articles. You can use images in many ways. Infographics, for one, and memes, for another, are two great examples. You can include the text on the image so that it’s easily shared and linked back to you. You can also use the image as part of a full article.

Nostradamus Headlines

headlines online marketingLooking ahead is a very powerful technique to use in crafting headlines for marketing purposes. People want to know about what will be popular or trending or happening next season and next year. This applies to everything, from roofing materials to car types to ice cream flavors. Consumers enjoy readings predictions and opinions about those things. This style of headline also applies to stats, numbers and trends. People feel empowered when a headline gives them an idea of what’s coming.

Of course, we could fill an entire book with info about how headlines influence online marketing and sales. This is a taster. Do your research about what headlines have created the greatest buzz and attracted the most hits. Then discuss headlines in more detail with content experts at an established online marketing firm.

The future’s top 10 headlines haven’t been written yet!

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