Website Marketing Tips Part 1

website marketing tipsMany people spend hours on the internet looking for information or suppliers or they want to save time by purchasing on the web. But, it’s important to understand that the web has its own specific marketing rules and many businesses have not considered the following issues on their websites: You must keep your readers interests in mind when you write content or design a site. “Content is King” is said over and over and over.

Well, it is the most important thing, both to a visitor as well as the search engines. But, too much content on one page is not good. The screen is small. People are busy. Make sure your information is in compact pieces. Make your most important information show “above the fold” (bottom of the visible screen).

You can link within the site to full content pages with lots of data. Search engines will “like” a website because it has a lot of relevant information. Relevance is key to good search engine optimization; but more importantly it is key to your reader! The first time someone sees content on a page it should be short and catchy; using the marketing concept of “features and benefits”.

Then if they choose to ‘read more’ they can go to the full page of information. Bad structure/design of a site, or hard-to-figure-out structure, is like stopping people before they get to start. Navigation should be made very easy with menu drop-downs. People don’t like pop-up windows. Period. These are just a few marketing tips to think about when putting together a website. It’s a simple concept, really.

We all follow the same “rules” of engagement. If it doesn’t interest the person they won’t engage in the activity. So, for instance, before you tell someone all about the goals and mission of your organization on your home page, ask yourself if they will really care about that or do they care about the price, quality or availability of your product or service?

Written by Wren Long

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