Website Marketing Tips Part 2

Some of these website marketing tips may seem obvious, and yet we all run into what should not be done everyday on the internet:
website marketing tips

    • Too much sound or music can drive people away fast. Think with the type of site you have. if you are a musician, then music can be expected. If the type of business is selling financial advice – don’t have music.
    • Hard to find information: If someone has to search through a site to find something that has been advertised, that’s not good. It must be easy to find through menus; or site specific search software; or visible linking. Make everything EASY for your viewer.
    • Hard to read pages: there are multiple ways to make a page hard to read unfortunately. Page is too busy; wrong font style; font not big enough; font color on background color a bad match (like red font on dark blue background; images that are too big and load too slow, etc. etc.
  • Perhaps the best way to make sure no one enters a site is a flash ‘front page’ that takes forever (in computer time) to load. People will leave sites due to waiting too long and then you never have the opportunity to make a “first impression”.
  • How to contact must be obvious. Put a phone number in the header or use a simple website “contact form” on a ‘contact us’ web page that shows in the menu line.
    • ALWAYS include a way to get back to the Home Page from every page.
    • ALWAYS check the speellingg on a wrebsote.
    • ALWAYS test your links. Take out any that do not work.
    • ALWAYS have your images on your own server – do not link to a picture from another website.
    • ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS use keywords in your website – those that apply to your product or your service. Place them at the top of pages and use them in content.
  • Make changes to the web pages, however small, every couple of months. Search engines want to find new content and changes on sites. Update the website. Add a Blog. Keep it fresh.
  • Shopping Cart? If you are selling products; consider adding a shopping cart. More and more people are purchasing over the web.

Okay, some of these are very obvious and rarely done on new websites. But, how about all those old websites out there that need updating? Have a look at your site if it was made back in the dark ages of internet time (about 3 years or more ago).

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