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website search optimizationWe live in the internet age where everything and everyone is on the web. Be it a contact number, an address, your neighbor’s dinner last night… name it, it’s on the web. The internet is now our most reliable and ready resource for just about anything under the sun.

And because no business wants to be left out, almost every business is willing to spend time and resources for a website search optimization campaign, otherwise known as web site optimization.

Designing your business web page may seem like a complex process. There are seemingly countless details to be considered during the building stage, and maybe even more during the ongoing updates and maintenance processes.

However, planning is where your valuable time should be spent very wisely, selecting the keywords for each separate page and writing relevant content for each.

This is the time when you’re doing website search optimization; where you’re strategically working to obtain a high page ranking in the various search engines, with Google at the top of that list. While it may seem somewhat overwhelming, don’t panic. There are web experts ready to help you.

website search optimizationTo get you started, here are some essential areas and elements of web site optimization you need to watch out for:

User Functionality
Make sure that navigating around your site is as easy as flipping through the pages of a magazine. No one will continue browsing your website if they can’t find their way around. Simple and informative is what works here.

Site navigation is also important for website search optimization. Google’s algorithm is the magic formula that decides which websites are listed on the top page of the search results for a specific keyword phrase. And Google tends to rank websites very low if they have a high “bounce rate” because of poor site navigation.

According to Google Analytics, “bounce rate is the percentage of visits that go only one page before exiting a site.”

There are a number of reasons why a hasty departure from the first page a visitor went to could occur. The ones we are most concerned with here are usability issues, poor design and poor optimization (page content doesn’t reflect the ads or search terms that brought visitors to the page).

Good Visual Design
website search optimizationThis is an obvious element. No one will bother spending a minute on a site if it looks tacky, overly busy, disorganized, spammy, or like it was designed back in the ‘90s. Create something that is fresh, clean, and current in terms of design. If you’re unsure of the scheme and look, just keep everything simple and you’re bound to make fewer mistakes.

Do NOT pepper your website with too many links and banner ads. That’s bad for website search optimization. Search engines are now wary of websites that have too much going on with little informative content to support it. Find some sites whose designs contain well thought out color schemes, layouts and components, and go along those lines. But never do a direct copy.

Interesting Content
The design and color schemes can only take your website so far. You need to fill it with interesting, meaningful, quality content. Visitors want to be presented with relevant, useful content when they come to your site, so provide the type of content they are looking for.

Clearly communicate what your business and overall brand is about. And don’t be shy to ask your visitor to take some action, like visit another page or download an eBook or sign up for a webinar. After all, why did you go through all that website search optimization and invite them to your website?

Use Photos and Videos
When possible, incorporate interesting photos and videos into the website. People are naturally drawn to moving images and photos that tell a story. Allow these visuals to convey your message instead of long, wordy articles that many users just won’t read. And make sure you “web site optimize” all your images with keywords in their “alt” tags.

While planning your website, you need to consider these important elements every step of the way. Website search optimization isn’t just about keywords; in fact, it affects the whole planning process. In the final analysis, it may be best to get assistance from an expert web developer who can help you create a top website. One that will make your business stand out from the crowd!

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