Why Do Other Websites Rank Higher Than Yours?

website rankingPicture a potential customer typing into a search engine some keywords that relate to your line of business. Then, for some reason, competitors and other sites appear higher in the list of search results.

Why is that? Especially when some of them have pretty awful sites.

Find out here and now. Because your website ranking is crucial to your business.

It’s Not Because Your Site is Bad

Website ranking is about quality. Not just website design quality, but quality of content. You could spend thousands on developing your website with amazing bells and whistles, but they’re worth very little if your site doesn’t incorporate the right keywords, phrases, SEO, and metadata. Plus, it needs informative and useful content. Content is king. For all their sophistication, search engines look mostly at words. Without knowing what you’re doing with content, your site could land on page 10 of search results where no one will find it, while a site that looks terrible but has applied SEO wisely can nab top spot.

The Great Google Mystery

website rankingGoogle is the big daddy search engine. Most people standing outside its millennial beanbag-filled walls have no understanding of how Google works. Some might know enough to kinda-sorta wangle a slightly higher website ranking. But kinda-sorta isn’t enough. Nor are good intentions. As Yoda said, “Do or do not. There is no try.” You need to hit the first page of results, not the fourth.

  • Google’s spiders search for pages that are new and updated. That new information is then added into the Google index mix.
  • Index Building. A word is chosen and called documents are scanned for that word and then indexed.
  • When you search for a word or phrase, the spiders get to work sifting through the indexed pages and call up every one that includes your terms. They are listed by relevance.

So, what must you do to work with Google’s magical mystery algorithm to improve your website ranking? Refresh and update your content regularly. Use proven keywords.

It’s All About Relevance

The first way search engines assign relevance is by how close the terms in your keywords appear together. Engines can determine the difference between titles and body text, so having a page title include your search string can help ranking. After that, they check the rest of the content for those same words. Multiple occurrences usually mean it’s more relevant, but beware of going overboard. Keyword stuffing is the excessive use of those keywords – and search engines punish that.

On-Page Optimization

Optimize each of your pages by using a title, header tags, descriptions, and useful, natural-sounding keywords. It takes patience and experience (or a lot of trial and error) to find the right keyword density. Hiring an online marketing and content company to create relevant content for you, and to handle all the keywording, can help improve website ranking without making you stress too much about it.

Winning the Rankings Game

website rankingSet a plan in motion to make it possible for searchers to find your website. Ranking in the top 1-3 pages of Google is a great achievement for most. Follow this simple formula to enhance your chances:

  1. On-topic Content. If you sell car parts, don’t have useless irrelevant filler content about cream puffs. Google will see this as being non-relevant and your site won’t rank. Stay on topic. It’s about your customers, not about you.
  2. On-Page Optimization. Learn it, love it, use it.
  3. Up-to-date Content. No one wants to see posts from three years ago. Google doesn’t enjoy it much either. Create content that’s relevant, fresh, and useful to site visitors.

If writing content is not your strong suit, the best advice that will help you improve your page ranking is to hire a specialized online marketing company. A team of experts will devise content to deal with all the issues described here and weave it into a work of art. That will take the guesswork out of your page ranking issues and get you on the road to more traffic and more customers.

p.s. Of course, one other option is to pay Google or other search engines to place your site prominently on search pages as an advertisement. But this is expensive and you need to know the realities of the return on investment.

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