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If you own a website or are about to build one, it is important to know what a landing page is. Strictly speaking, any page a visitor to your site first lands on is a landing page – for that visitor.

However, in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Internet Marketing, a landing page could be any page on a website where incoming traffic is sent to, and prompted to engage in a particular action.

This can also be called a “lander,” a “destination page,” or a “lead capture page.” Often, the landing page displays sales copy that is an extension of the copy contained in the link, search result, or advertisement that brought the site visitor to the landing page. The copy on the landing page should definitely contain the keywords included in the link, search result or advertisement.

A good, overall Internet Marketing Plan usually includes several landing pages.

Usually, these pages are where SEO Internet Marketing campaigns, email campaigns, or social media direct traffic to — in order to prompt readers to sign up, purchase a product or get in touch with the company. This technique is used in order to boost the effectiveness of the original content or ads that brought visitors to the site.

Essentially, the goal of a landing page is to win over website visitors and convert them to sales leads. This is why this page is a key part of an Internet Marketing Plan.

There are Two Kinds of Landing Pages – Reference and Transactional

A reference landing page offers certain information to visitors if they click on a link contained in the landing page. This information may be in the form of links, text, audio, images, or other elements.

A transactional landing page encourages visitors to complete some sort of transaction, such as:
— interacting with objects on that page
— purchasing a product
— filling in a form to receive additional information from a download or another means of access to valuable information

Landing Pages and Keywords

landing pageWhen a search engine indexes a page, that page is now potentially available to internet searchers. In SEO, any page that can possibly turn into a landing page has the correct keywords and keyword phrases embedded appropriately within the text of the subject being addressed.

Appropriately is a major concern. The search engines, particularly Google, check the relative value of the subject matter against the keywords it contains for natural, organic search engine optimization.

If this relativity is not there then the term “keyword stuffing” comes into play, and the page, if not the whole website, can be penalized. Utilizing effective SEO Internet Marketing on every landing page ensures that the page will rank naturally in the search engines.

Benefits of a Landing Page

A landing page is a quintessential part of any website owner’s SEO Internet Marketing campaign. These pages help customize the experience of website visitors and reinforce the message that the website or brand is trying to convey.

Combined with good sales copy, images and links, a landing page can increase the website’s conversion rate, which is important when trying to turn site traffic into actual sales. So having a good landing page is a KEY concern when creating a great Internet marketing plan.

A good deal of the money some companies spend on online advertising is wasted, simply because they don’t have well-structured landing pages.

landing pageYes, the ads you create are exciting! However, once the visitor is directed to your website, they can lose interest quickly. Why? Because the content in the landing page did not meet their expectations. Perhaps the message conveyed in the link or ad they clicked on promised the moon, but the landing page only offered up a golf ball. Or the ads were about flowers, and the landing page was about flower pots. Or the page is too busy or too hard to read…

The quicker you begin building, testing, and enhancing landing pages with relevant content for viewers, coupled with well-researched keywords, the quicker you will start getting returns on your SEO Internet Marketing investment.
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