Social Media Marketing for Vancouver Businesses

Note: We have several clients in Vancouver and other locations in Canada.

social media marketing for vancouverThese days, it’s essential that you and your business have a social media presence. You may be asking yourself, “Well, I have a great website, isn’t that enough?” Sorry, but the answer is no. Social Media Marketing for Vancouver businesses, and all businesses anywhere, is now VITAL if you want to be successful online.

We’re not referring to paid advertising, although paid online ads in Google Adwords and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and others, can be very worthwhile. But here we are talking about being part of the social media community.

Before someone even considers your services or products, most people do thorough research on the company. They want to find out as much as they can about the company, such as who they are, what others think, etc. and what better place to look than the internet. When you are on these social networks, as well as being engaging, you are establishing a bit of trust with your potential customers.

Before we talk more about social media marketing for Vancouver businesses, let’s first define what social media marketing is. According to, social media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.

This is true, but to go more in depth with this definition: basically you are building relationships with the general public with social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You are able to interact with people on a more personal level. Social media marketing isn’t something to be afraid of. It’s another important avenue of marketing to utilize.  And the best part about it is that it’s free!

Importance of Social Media Marketing for Vancouver Businesses – Or Any Local Business in Any City.

social media marketing for vancouverThere are many, many reasons why social media marketing is beneficial.

It would be hard to create an entire list because there are no limits to all the benefits and reasons why your business should have a strong social media presence.

Like any other internet marketing campaign, it is not magical.  Being a social media manager is about strategy and actions. It’s definitely not being a social media fairy who waves their magic wand, puts you on Facebook and now you get a million calls.

Social media methods simply establish a stronger internet presence which ensures that your company has a higher profile and in return, potential customers will see you. So why not take advantage of this marketing technique, especially if your business is locally based in Vancouver?

Increase Your Business Visibility on the Web with Social Media

When you use social media for marketing your business in Vancouver, you have the ability to reach a lot of people, people who are constantly on social media, very tech savvy and internet reliant. If you ever travel on the skytrain, observe the passengers. Everyone is in their own world on their mobile devices. Even walking down the street, you might find yourself bumping into someone who isn’t paying attention as they are looking down at their phone or tablet.

One of the most important benefits of social media marketing is that you increase your visibility across the internet when your company is on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc.  You are establishing your brand across the internet. You increase the chances of someone finding you. Taking all this into consideration, this does not mean that you just sign up for every single social media account out there. Certain social media networks may not be an appropriate match for your company depending what industry you are in.

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