Why You Should SURVEY Your Existing Clients or Target Market – Part 1

survey your existing clientsMarketing Basics 101

For some reason, many businesses do NOT survey either their customers or their intended target markets. Now, obviously, if you don’t already have a well-defined target market, you can’t survey the individuals or enterprises out there that may comprise it. So you have some basic research to do first in order to discover who and where your target markets could, would or should be.

But if you do have an existing customer or client base and a way of reaching the individuals or enterprises that comprise that list… no excuses, YOU NEED TO SURVEY THEM in order to find out what they want, need, will believe, accept, desire and so on. That type of information and feedback, if used wisely and creatively, can open the door to more sales.

It can be truly amazing to discover that you or your marketing people had no clue that there are several other services or items many people or enterprises in your client base want or need and you can supply.

In addition to finding out what other services or products you could sell and deliver to your existing client base, a good survey can provide you with excellent feedback about your products, services, client relations in general, and show you areas you need to improve on or expand in order to convert customers into advocates for your company.

Not only that, but you can discover what your target markets’ main “go-buttons” are. What were the main points of interest or reasons that spurred your clients to become clients in the first place? This will provide you with relevant information and content that you can use in your future marketing and advertising materials, website and social media content, etc., to expand your client or customer base.

survey your existing clients

Bottom line is, your existing customer base can be a goldmine of information that you can use to boost your sales and income. But it’s up to you to mine that goldmine! Don’t waste that valuable resource.

We’ve mentioned before that often changing one word in an ad’s headline, or an email’s subject line, or the headline or title of a web page can make a significant difference in your volume of responses or website traffic.

If that’s the case, and it IS, then wouldn’t it make sense to know exactly what your offline or online ad’s headline should be? Or what your web page’s title should be? Or even its URL?

Well, if you had the results of a properly conducted survey of your target market, you would know. You wouldn’t be wasting bucks guessing. I mean, you could be so very close to nailing it, yet still miss it.

And in marketing, if you miss it by an inch, you might as well have missed it by a mile. Same result.

Another thing we have mentioned before is that the various ways and means of marketing and advertising change. But human nature doesn’t.

Know Before You Go… Survey!

survey your existing clients
In both “traditional” offline marketing and online marketing including web sites, social media, emails, yada, yada, you need to know what appeals to your target market, what their needs and wants are, what they will reach for, respond to, click on the mouse for… If you don’t know that, you aren’t engage in marketing, you are simply guessing and gambling.

Amateurs guess and gamble, the pros take a more scientific approach… that’s why they are pros, that’s why they make more money than most amateurs.

So the first question is, is your business a hobby, or is it really your business? If it’s more than just a hobby, you need to know what your target market wants, needs, expects and will respond to.

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO. Or… KNOW BEFORE YOUR MONEY GOES… SURVEY! Or find a company that knows how to conduct professional surveys and market research on which you can build super successful, results-generating marketing!

Written by Bob Nelson

Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to RESULTS PROFESSIONAL MARKETING and a clickable link back to this page.

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